10 Productive Tips Work From Home Workers Must Know

10 Productive Tips Work From Home Workers Must Know

When people think of working from home, they think of lying around the sofa, snacking, waking up late and working in front of the TV. Stay-home jobs are actually available, and although at first thought it seems fun, it actually sounds unproductive and impossible. But is it really impossible to be productive working from your home?

We think it is possible, and today we compiled a huge list of tips to help boost productivity and efficiency for those who work from home!

So How Can One Maximize Their Work From Home?

1. Allocate An Office Space


Many have the impression that those who work from home do it while lying everywhere and anywhere. But that’s not the way to get things done. You still need a proper space for work, separated from the leisure. This way, it helps you to keep away from distractions and focus on your job. Furthermore, it will be good to create a suitable and conducive environment for your working space as well.

2. Set Office Hours


Although working from home means there’s more flexibility in regards to working hours, there’s still an importance in setting a fixed time to get work done. Here’s why: If there is a fixed time for a certain task to be done, it’s more likely that you will finish the task. Otherwise, there’s no time gauge or guide for you to keep to, which means it’s easy for you to spend too much time on the tasks.

3. Plan An Agenda For The Day


Before you start the day of work, it’s important that you plan and list out the agenda for the day. Having a to-do list will help you immediately see what are the things that needs to be done, so you can prioritize and plan the day. It also gives you a ‘timetable’ for you to follow from, ensuring you are on track with your daily objectives.

4. Avoid Personal Tasks


During your working hours, try to avoid doing personal tasks like checking your personal email, household chores or other hobbies and interests. Try to treat your work time just like you would behave when your boss is around. Once your personal tasks start blending into your work, it’s hard for you to focus on your job.

5. Start Being Tech-Savvy


With the advancement of technology, it makes working from home easier than before. Therefore, make sure you equip yourself with some basic online search and communicative tools like email, google and even Skype which proves to be extremely useful for video/ messaging chats. Be more tech-savvy! As most home jobs now are online, these useful tools can help you improve communication with your clients or coworkers, making work easier. In fact, check out more useful tools we shared previously!

6. Try Not To Multitask


It’s tempting to multitask even when there are no coworkers around demanding anything. Since you are at home, it’s easy to log onto Facebook or turn on your favourite TV show or YouTube while you do your work. As we have written earlier, multitasking has proved to be detrimental to one’s productivity rate.

7. Take A Short Break In Between


As you work from home online, don’t forget to give yourself a couple of breaks to freshen up your mind, as well as to do a stretch or two! Sitting an entire day can wear out your body and in the long run, your body will experience fatigue and poor circulation.

8. Be Flexible (if you are a care-taker)


Being flexible helps stay-home parents who need to take care of their child or their elderly. They need to be at their every beck and call, therefore it’s necessary to be flexible. However, it does not mean that they do not need to fix work hours. It’s just that the hours are shorter, so they can break their tasks to shorter periods and be able to tend to and check on their family.

9. Be Thrifty, Save On Supplies


Even though you save up on coworker’s birthday gifts and all that, working at home means your don't have benefits like subsidized office supplies. Therefore, try to save on supplies (stationery, toilet supplies, equipment and electricity).

10. Keep Your Social Interactions Active


Lastly, try to engage in some social interactions each day! Cooping up at home is not the best way to get new ideas or keep sane. A chat with your neighbours, a friendly call or a casual lunch with your friend or coworker can give you an energy booster and keep your communication skills alive!

Let's Start Being More Productive Now!

After all these home job tips, are you prepared to start afresh and see how your efficiency rate grow? Try out these tips, implement them in your daily work-from-home routine, and we hope that it can help you be more productive in your online work from home! Let us know which tips is the most productive by comment box in the comment box below!


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