10 Best Gig Economy Job Site For Stay-At-Home Parent

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10 Best Gig Economy Job Site For Stay-At-Home Parent

As parenthood kicks in, your whole life regime changes, does it not? From organizing your hours to fit in more priorities to adjusting through the whole “I totally can take care of a kid” phase, your other commitments goes out of the window. Some people decided to be work from home individuals while others (I applaud you) are still surviving on both worlds. To those that are seeking for online jobs (could be side jobs too), we’re here to help! The list down below are sites we’ve piled up so you could try them as an extra source of income.

10 Online Jobs Sites For Stay-At-Home Parent

1. Fiverr

Yes, one of the classic online job alternatives. Through Fiverr, you could take up jobs anytime you want with no strings attached. Not only that it’s flexible, these sites are able to connect you to businesses easily. Several sample services that you can list on the site are writing, translation, graphic design, video editing and programming. This will definitely help you split your time between work and personal life.

2. Upwork

Formerly known as Elance, Upwork operates quite similar to Fiverr. The difference between the businesses would be that Upwork have an extra platform that lets the businesses contact or interview freelancers (you) on their website. In addition, they also provides a timesheet application that tracks time and are able to take screenshots while you work.

3. Wealthy Affiliate

Another way to work online would definitely start by creating your own website. Don’t know how to start? Wealthy Affiliate simply offers online marketer training program to help you start. This includes teaching you how to write a blog, build your own website and start earning from your own online business. In other words, they will help you with affiliate marketing (making website). Although they offer free membership, it is highly recommended for you to purchase a premium membership if you want to start and build your business.

4. 99designs

The sites above are not concentrated enough? For all you designer parents out there, this may be an oasis for y’all. Like it’s name, this site is used for people to hire freelance designers and this can go both ways (as in for a designer to get hired by a company or individual). From what I know, many designers have their own tools at home (I hope you are too) and this site just makes everything easier to both work online and also stay at home to take care of your kids :)

5. Amazon

Believe it or not, Amazon is a great place to get freelance jobs. One way would be where you use Amazon Mechanical Turk (aka. Mturk). The jobs they offer are known to be working in units. It is mostly known to be called as microjobs due to the simplicity of the task and the quick process such as writing content from websites, answering questions to any topics, helping companies to pick which image suits them best and up to verifying restaurants for details (such as phone and address). They will pay you in hourly wages (ex. Several cents per seconds). Another way to utilize Amazon for making money would be to become the “other seller”. In other words, selling the product but not by the manufacturing company of the item. This is most popular in items such as textbooks and furniture because sometimes the used ones are cheaper ;-)

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6. Textbroker

Not a designer nor any of the others are suitable for you? Textbroker might help you towards this if you just love writing. As long as you could give quality content on articles, this is golden for you. One great feature that textbroker have would definitely be the fixed payment system. In other words, you basically do not need to worry for any payment mishaps (crossing our fingers) in the near future when you become one of their writers. Not only that you could work on your piece anywhere and anytime you want, they will rate you through the star system and the price per word will vary depending on the star you got. I’d say, this could also be a great critique tool to improve your writing :)

7. We Work Remotely

Like it’s name, it clearly states that you do not need to get up early in the morning to check in while being half-awake (or a walking zombie, if you prefer it that way). This site have great international connections so there is a high chance that you will be surprised as to who will employ you. They also have a vast amount of job listed, including design, programming, business, management, customer support, marketing, and many more. This site might be a great location for you if you would like to work on specific time of the day.

8. Craigslist

Although it may sound sketchy, Craigslist might as well be one of the best place for you to find flexible employment. Not only that they offer employment per country (for those who do not mind coming over to do the work), but also online. One interesting story related to Craigslist would be that expat workers in South Korea got their jobs on the screen (ex. TV shows, Dramas, Talk Shows, you name it) through Craigslist. As long as you do your research, this is one of the best tools to use if you want to split your time between parenting and working on your daily life.

9. Ebay

Many of us know that ebay seems to be quite the knockoff or dark version of Amazon, but that could become your advantage (you’ll never know). As you could see, there are many people who buy random things in Ebay (or things that you could not even imagine appearing in Amazon) such as mystery boxes, diaries, and even jars of farts (even I still cannot believe this either). On the other hand, If you have any unused junk or even items that you would like to sell and make some money from it, Ebay is your paradise. I’d say, why not do it when it works out well for you.

10. YouTube

Is it too late to become a YouTuber? Well, we don’t think so. We’ve seen many people leave their jobs and becoming great YouTubers. A kickoff tip to become a YouTuber would be if you are passionate towards a certain topic or theme (ex. Music, Theories, Education, Beauty, etc), you’ll definitely do great. As long as you could create an interesting video that many viewers can enjoy, YouTube would be a great fit. On the plus side, you could shoot it anywhere and anytime you want! If you’re not comfortable with people seeing your face, dubbing is an option. One great point that YouTube have would be through how surprisingly welcoming the viewers are (as long as you didn’t cross the line) and how big the support they will give you towards it!

What Are Other Possible Job Sites That Works For You?

Among all the job opportunities listed and possible sites that may aid you during parenthood, they cater to people with different needs and availability. It depends on which kind of job or listing would you take and there are definitely many more, but their similarity is that all jobs stated do not need any investment or registration fee.

Other than that, there are many other alternative jobs that you could take and the possibilities are endless. As long as your target is clear and you would want to change your mindset on certain parts of your programs, doesn’t seem like it’s wrong to try some out. So why hesitate?

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