Grow your business through performance-based user acquisition

Thousands of quality conversions per month. With Pay-Per-Acquisition campaign, PanelPlace connects your products and services to millions of verified community users and let them engage with you voluntarily.

How It Works



Create campaign and set a PPA bid price



Launch campaign and start acquiring users



Enjoy savings as you only pay when you get new user

Enjoy the Benefits

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution

Reach quality users worldwide via a single partner.

The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

Get matched only with users that are interested in your offer.

Love from Members

Love from Members

With our user-friendly features and tools, users can easily connect to you and explore your products or services.

Our real-time PPA bidding advertising model gives you targeted exposure to millions of PanelPlace community users in over 40 countries, driving interested prospects to your sign up funnel that are more likely to convert into your product user.

Trusted by brands from all around the world

Why Our Clients Love Us

Strict Quality Control

All traffic you receive comes directly from PanelPlace. We don’t engage third-party publishers, so misrepresentation of your brand is never a worry.

Informed and Non-Incentivized traffic

Educating users is a long term commitment we are willing to make. Through our extensive knowledgebase and blog articles, expectations are managed and everyone’s happy.

We Care About Our Members

User experience matters to us. We strive to continuously improve our platform to meet our user’s needs. Feedback from the community is always taken seriously.

Loyal Users

With stringent quality control, PanelPlace’s users are active and reliable. Our clients enjoy greater member loyalty, with boosts in the user active rate.

Higher Campaign Efficiency

Your Return-On-Investment is ours too. Our team will work closely with you to maximise your brand awareness and conversion rates, ensuring you’ll get the best out of the campaign.

10+ Years of Expertise in User Acquisition Business

We know all there is about user acquisition, so enjoy a peace of mind and work with experts who care about your campaign as much as you do.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Lightspeed GMI

“PanelPlace has always delivered quality users and we are very happy to continue our relationship moving forward.”

- Jacqueline Lam
Manager, Global Respondent Acquisition

Research Now <> SSI

“PanelPlace team has persistently shown their can-do-attitude, been responsive to our every request, and delivered the expected results. Their performances are always of the best quality”

- Papaya Huang
Associate Director, Online Marketing

Rakuten Insight

“PanelPlace always delivered quality conversions and has a good understanding of user recruitment needs.”

- Olivier Voglimacci
Panel Resource unit, Marketing Research Division