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PanelPlace / Careers

At PanelPlace, we believe that building a company is just like developing ourselves as a good person. Our corporate philosophy shapes our character, our brand, and our business strategies.

How We Behave

We value good values
We continue to learn, improve, and excel
We are growth driven
We get things done with sense of urgency and responsibility
We think work & life complement each other
We love to make our colleagues and customers happy
We understand freedom come from responsibility and trust

Why work at PanelPlace?

Real responsibility

Working at a startup means everybody's role is important. This pushes everyone to be more versatile, more reliable, and more productive in what they do. You'll be able to see the impact you bring to the company and sometimes, the entire company may rely on the work that you do.

Opportunity to grow

You’ll be able/asked to do a lot of different things to meet what the company needs, and that's how we attain new skills while doing various tasks. Having a private library, freedom to attend workshops and go to conferences are what we do to grow ourselves and the company constantly.


In our lean team structure, your work has direct impact to the product, company and the team. Your unique idea or solution to solve actual problem will certainly be noticed. If you succeed, your effort is instantly recognized and celebrated. If you fail (and it is okay to fail), let's pick ourselves up, find out what can be improved and let's move on.

Flat hierarchy

Whether you're an intern or ex-president from MNC, everyone is treated equally. There isn't complicated organization structure and everyone is just trying to do great work.