How To Get Started As A Work at Home Mom

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How To Get Started As A Work at Home Mom

Good morning all! Today’s issue will be a special edition one ;-) It’s for all of you stay-at-home moms! It has been a while since I’ve written one to support my ladies out there and I’m really excited to let you in some ideas that might assist you in earning money while you work at home. If you’re a work at home parent, I got you in the article. Are all of you hyped? If you do, scroll along…

Getting Started As A Work-At-Home Mom

1. Prioritize


As a new work-at-home parent, you have to realize what is important throughout your day. Whether it is preparing food for the kids or doing the laundry, some of those tasks are time restricted. I would recommend if you keep your own task routines simple, so it will be easier to remember and of course place those scheduled tasks first. By then, at least you could figure out what you should do first. Then, on the open slots, you could fill it as “work” time.

2. Separate Business And Personal Life


Earning money is very tempting and addicting, especially when you just started working but please remember to set boundaries between your personal life and your business life. It is important to have a well-balanced lifestyle and since you will be working from home, it might be difficult to separate business and personal. Do note that no matter what, your children always come first and never let your greed overtake your precious time with your family.

3. Plan Your Career


You need to figure out your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as your advantages and limitations as a work-at-home parent. Of course, different scenarios will appear but at least you know what you can and cannot do. After that, you could figure out how to do your job. Some might only be able to work online while others could commute. All in all, whichever one that is most convenient and efficient for you will be best.

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Find A Work-At-Home Job

1. Online Tutoring


Since being a parent makes you a superhero who knows what to do everything that your child needs, I bet that teaching is also on your program of the day. To that, might as well teach students other than your child, no? Well, let me elaborate. First, you need to know that your students might not be as young as your child but I’ll tell you why this job is efficient. With the evolution of technology, now people can get hired and teach others only with a computer and wifi. I’d say if you can do simple math, you might look into teaching elementary students. Some classes that could broaden your client spectrum might mostly be language classes, so if you could speak more than one languages, this might be your time to shine. Another unique tutoring class that often surface once in a while would definitely be tutoring accents. Your audience might mostly be actors trying to learn the dialect or the accents of a certain area and if you are from that area or know how to speak that accent, why don’t you give it a try? There is so much variety towards online tutoring and I am sure that they have at least one that you could teach. In addition to that, these tutoring schedules are depending on both you and your students, so it won’t be that stressful with taking care of your kids.

2. Travel Agent


Although motherhood might get rid of your holiday plans for a few years, that doesn’t mean that you are prevented from travel plannings… well except for physical reasons. For those of you who are good at organizing or love to make plans for travelling, why don’t you try being a travel agent? This itself could appear in two ways, either you work for an agency or you make your own business. That itself will depend on whatever you prefer and so, if you’re willing to help others enjoy their vacation or have a successful trip, I’d say that you should try out some travel agent jobs. As far as I know, there are some that plans the whole trip from flights to hotel and attractions and there are others who plan these trips for a specific amount of people. As you could see, there is so much more to explore on this field and even though you are unable to go there physically, at least all those planning would make you feel excited too, no? In a way, you could destress from your daily life for this.

3. Virtual Customer Service


Is it only me or that most people haven’t heard of this already? Like online tutoring, there are so much more online shops popping up and of course, it is paired with an increase in customer service issues. On that note, many sellers are serving their customers through emails or their support system and as someone who has ever handled customer service, there will definitely be a ton of tickets needed to be resolved to ensure great service. So, many companies these days hire remote or part-time workers to help them solve these issues. I might say that this job won’t be the most flexible one out of all the ones I’m listing today but hear me out first. Unlike the others, you will be guaranteed scheduled payment and not need to search for your audience. Through that, I would say that those emails and hours spent each week might not be so bad after all. I would say that if you are one of the work from home parents, this will definitely guarantee your paycheck.

4. Go Blogging


What to blog, you say? Well, let’s see, since the arrival of your child, your daily life has shifted a bit, no? That itself is content right there. What’s content? It is the material needed for you to publish your work. Some valuable content can be things like a recording of your baby’s first steps or their birthdays. Not only that people love it, but you could also use it as a way to keep something memorable in your life. In a way, you can retrieve it later in the years and have all those nostalgic feelings as you recall the time when you sit on the sofa and write that certain blog. Another reason why I put this point in today’s issue would be because blogging is not only fun but also flexible. Since you publish your articles depending on your own schedule, you technically do not have the pressure compared to working for others. You can write your blog while your child is playing in his or her room and publish it next time, so it doesn’t restrict or prevent you to do your other activities.

5. Sell Your Products


Are you good at making things at home? For instance, if you are skilled at cooking, then you might try selling some of your food to others. If you’re good at hosting parties, you could create a themed dinner get together party. For instance, I ever met someone who hosts a Harry Potter party at his house, with everything fully equipped and he charged $50 per head. If those ideas aren’t up on your list, you could do some arts and crafts. With e-commerce shops emerging one by one, you could sell your handcrafted items through those platforms. Another way to sell your product would be by making homemade wine. Surprisingly, the recipe for making wine is not that hard and doesn’t need a lot of products. Unfortunately, you will be competing against time for this. So, there are many things you could do and sell while taking care of your child.


Hello all! Hope today’s issue is as enjoyable as the ones before this and you could see that stay at home parents actually doesn’t sound as boring as what most people see them to be. I personally find it very interesting for people to have those get-togethers and since it’s a “homemade” version of it, don’t you think it feels more authentic and also that their efforts feel much more appreciated by others? All in all, there are so many ways for you to earn money as a stay at home parent. As long as you are creative, I believe that the demand for your skills or products will appear sooner enough. Ciao!

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