7 Main Reasons Bosses Check When You Work From Home

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7 Main Reasons Bosses Check When You Work From Home

There are many reasons why people work from home. One would be when you work in a fresh startup company, where there is no office. Another would be that the workers are from all over the world, therefore there is no need to settle down with a headquarter. There is one that lets you work from home for several days (after you get permission from the boss of course). Lastly, there are ones that didn’t even need to come to the company because their work is simply virtual.

Everything is through the internet nowadays. You could access files through iCloud or Google Drive and you could Skype, Google Hangout, or Facetime people for meetings. In other words, since technology has advanced greatly in the past few years, you don’t even need to be physically present in the office as long as you have a great work ethic.

Now, those are ones that we already know but have you ever wonder how did bosses of those employers handle them? Can’t you imagine how curious they will be? Well, there are many points below that follows up to those questions.

These Are 7 Things Bosses Wants To Know When You Work From Home

1. If you are procrastinating


There are companies that uses 1 week, 2 weeks, or 1 month goal system. So basically, you’re highly encouraged to finish the task (that you were assigned or assigned it yourself) by the time frame. With this system, there is a high chance that many people are going to procrastinate. They will wait until the last minute to work on and submit all of their assignments. This is literally like going back to school, where most people will wait until the day before to write their essays or cram for tomorrow’s exam.

2. If you are still loyal to the company


They are literally not physically present in the office, so the only way for their boss to put a leash on them is through the contract. Other than that, they’re basically a free person and the world is their oyster. Many would take another job to make more money, both over and under the table (if you know what I mean) just to survive. Toward those that decided to double their jobs, I would say “good luck to you guys”. Again, their boss doesn’t know this and this makes them doubt their loyalty.

3. If you’re trustable


Other than loyalty, trust is much more important between work from home employees and their bosses compared to in-site employees. This ties to procrastinate and work performance of the employees (as stated on the points above). Some companies let their workers work from home for several days. Those ones need a lot of persuasion and trust. If a person that is in that scenario slipped and broke their trust, there is a high chance that they’re not going to have the same opportunity ever again. Be careful for all of you out there that are trying or are doing this.

4. If your work performance is affected by your family


It is true that everyone will always have that certain family problem which will affect their work. This also happens to work from home people. Most bosses look at the amount of completion (daily or weekly) of those employees. If they seem to work vigorously for several days, then slow down on the others definitely make things worse on their performance rate. Although there are emergency matters that are family related, there is a slight chance that their bosses are aware of this, unless they notify their employers.

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5. If you're at home


For some companies, meetings are held every day. At those meetings, it is very important that everyone was present at that time. These days, people don’t have to worry whether they are sick or stuck in traffic because there is the internet. This also applies to work from home people. There is a high chance that they will be on a vacation and working at the same time, as in killing two birds with one stone. They might be in Bora Bora island for the summer or spending winter in Hokkaido, your boss doesn’t know that. Trust me, your boss is very curious about this.

6. If you’re a good person


There is a high probability that most work from home people rarely meets their supervisors or even their boss. The fact that their bosses rarely see them physically leave their judgement about their employees to their imagination. The first impression might be how a person sums up the whole characteristic of one another, but this works differently with work from home people. Many interviews for these people are usually through Skype, Google hangout, or Face-time and there are many places with connection difficulty (shout out to y’all with slow internet!). This might apply to those passive aggressive people because well all know, it’s pretty hard to determine what’s the texter’s behaviour behind the screen. So, their bosses want to know more about them, but still have several communication restrictions between them.

7. If you’re alive


As a person works in the office, there are times where their thoughts float around. Apparently, bosses are able to have those moments too, and when they’re MIA (missing in action) or literally very unresponsive for the whole day, there would be one moment where their bosses are wondering whether they are alive or not. Basically, their bosses are curious whether they are doing well or need help at all with their work. Whether they can pull off the right strings to get their assignments in and their well being in general.

To wrap things up, these are 7 things your boss wants to know from you if you are a work from home individual. Hope you enjoyed this article and could give you something to laugh on as you clock out from work. Most of them might be exaggerated, but why not do that when it makes you laugh (I hope), right?

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Anyways, it has been fun writing this article and do look forward for our next issue. See you soon!

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