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5 Essential Advice from Work From Home Professionals

Posted by Jamie Jin
5 Essential Advice from Work From Home Professionals

In recent years, we noticed a huge increase in people starting to work from home. There are definitely pro and cons of working from home, and here are some skills you may need to pick up before you decide to ditch your office! Most importantly, beware of scams - here’s a list of 7 legitimate ways of working from home without registration fee.

Before you take the plunge, take a look at what these few experienced work from home experts got to share!

Advice From Work From Home Professionals!

#1: Work At Separating Work and Leisure Time

Elizabeth Gibson, ezLandlordForms.com

As a writer and marketing consultant for a legal forms company, communication is at the center of all I do. Like most people, I had imagined that working from home would mean I'd keep up with laundry, have a pot of soup always bubbling on the stove, and tackle other little chores during breaks. None of that happened! In fact, a definite downside when your home is your office is that all those undone chores are always at the periphery, nagging you in their undone state. I stay sane by having a dedicated work space. I ignore laundry, clutter and chores while I work. Then, I do the reverse when the work day is finished. It can actually be quite tempting to catch up on work when I'm 'off' and I've had to work at separating work and leisure time.

#2: Find A Right Balance

Dusti Reimer, Elevate PR and Marketing

I work from home because I have my own start-up business and I also have three young children. Being able to work from home gives me the flexibility to be a mom and an entrepreneur. Also, to be honest, I felt a little guilty about being able to work from home. That motivated me to work harder and more when I was at home without the distraction than when I was at the office. Now, after doing this for about three and a half years, I find it enjoyable to work from home. I schedule a lot of coffee meetings and/or lunches when I need that additional social interaction or I need to brainstorm. I also have joined several local marketing and public relations groups to keep tapping into the pulse of the industry.

#3: Have A Proper Routine

Denise Supplee, SparkRental.com

My office is my space which means I can make it as quiet and focus producing as I need. No worry of other co-worker’s music, chatter or even the clicking of the computer keyboard, which believe it or not, can throw my concentration off. To stay motivated, it is important to maintain a routine. No different than waking up, showering, reading, and then off to the office. The difference, I do not fight the morning traffic or the rush hour debacle. This means more time to get things done. Setting goals for each day is important as well. The downfalls are that it can get lonely at times, those times that technology fails (it does happen), can ruin a day and I tend to work more.

#4 Starting From Scratch To Gain Flexibility

Jon Kline, jonkline.com

I work as a freelance cinematographer and director, mostly on location and from my home office. I absolutely love my work and the freedom and flexibility of setting my own schedule. I get to define my own success. There is a lot less paperwork, and I can always choose which clients and which vendors I want to work with. Each day is different, and I get to solve a lot of different problems. I find motivation in continued success. Each year seems to get a bit easier, as I continue to build my client list and get better at solving new challenges. As I get more work, I can be pickier about the clients I take on. This makes it a lot easier to keep going.

#5: Get Prepared To Get Fired Many Times

Naresh Vissa, krishmediamarketing.com

Failure is a part of any business. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you they've failed too many times to keep track. As an independent, you will get fired. Contracts won't be renewed. Bridges will be burnt. That's all human nature. So get used to it. Economies and industries go through dry spells. The first people to go are the contractors, not employees. You're independent as a contractor, so the pain is less to the company. When things get really bad, that's when employees get the pink slip.

With many online jobs without investment coming up, it may be tempting to switch over to working from home. Initially, you will take some time to adapt fully, but don’t fret! All you need to do is find the right balance and obtain the right skills!

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