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Should We Live The Work-From-Home Dream?

Posted by Jing Xi Chong
Should We Live The Work-From-Home Dream?

Working from home! This is ideal work lifestyle almost everyone wish for. In fact, there are more work from home jobs in the recent years, especially ever since technology has made things easier for communication and passing of work. However, despite these opportunities, many are still skeptical about the whole work from home business. Today, let’s find out what makes working from home so attractive!

The Pros of Working From Home!

1. Save time and money


Working from your home means that you don’t have to commute to an office. You save the travelling expenses and travelling time. This also means you can get more sleep in the morning and gain extra time to spend with your family, hobbies and exercise!

2. Technology made things much easier


Many who shun the idea of working from home are concerned with the difficulties in communication, as well as social isolation. However, in the recent decade, software like Skype and web-based applications like Google Docs have made remote working way easier. Meetings can be held online, handing of work can be shared online, human interaction is still not lost due to all these rising social software.

3. More Job Opportunities

Imagine that there’s tough competition in securing a job now and you are trying to find a job that’s not too far from home. In such situations, it’s going to harder to find a job. People who work from home will be able to enjoy a worldwide opportunity for jobs as they’re not limited geographically. As long as the job scope allows them to work remotely and deliver online, they can apply for it!

4. You save money for the company


If most of the employees work from home, the company will not have to spend on office space rental nor headcount. Saving money for the company sounds like a good contribution on your part. Keeping both parties happy!

5. Productivity rate can increase


Will productivity rate really increase? This differs for individuals. Some people find that they work better at night or if they have breaks every now and then. Some prefer home as there are less time-consuming meetings and distracting conversations from neighboring colleagues. However, the job scope determines if working at home is right for you. If your job requires you to stay away from distractions and focus, then working from home is going to be productive.

6. Healthier dietary habits


Working from home means no more overworked employees lunching on the desk while trying to finish work before the day ends. No more vending machine food or late lunches and dinners due to endless meetings. The freedom of being at home allows you to choose your meal times and have healthier eating habits. Cooked food or restaurants, it’s up to you! You can even meet up with colleagues or friends for meals!

So shall we live the dream?

The advantages of working from home is many, but it’s not for everyone. If you do not have the self-discipline and organisational skills, then it might not work out for you. However, it might still be worth a try! If it worked well for you, the convenience and other benefits you reap shall be very rewarding.

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