6 Tips To Improve Concentration and Focus

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6 Tips To Improve Concentration and Focus

Hello everyone! Here I am back with another episode on concentration and focus enhancement. Unlike the article I’ve written before, I will break down the matters separately between studying and working. To those of you that are worried about being left out, I gotcha :) So, why don’t you go ahead and read along...

How To Improve Concentration and Focus While Studying:

1. Find An Environment That You Are Comfortable With


It is highly important for you to be able to focus in a place that you are comfortable with. Some people could study in complete silence while others might jolt out of surprise due to the slightest sound. It truly depends on what kind of environment suits you best. For that to happen, the atmosphere of your environment will be the key to your success. If you are the type of person who gets distracted easily, I would recommend not to have anything that loses your focus nearby (ex. Your phone or laptop) because it might be able to make you less likely to study and procrastinate more. I personally prefer studying alone in quiet than being surrounded by people. If you are not sure what kind of areas would suit your study space, why don’t you go ahead and experiment with your surroundings? I bet you could find one that would match your style right away.

2. Having A Playlist That Could Enhance Your Productivity


Sometimes trying to focus or pay attention to your studies could be hard if you’re studying in a crowded place (ex. Public library) so your best choice would most likely to pop your earphones and listen to some music. It definitely is true that classical music is one genre that is mostly preferred by people but that is not necessarily the case. There is some music that helps you study through YouTube and most are instrumental. Not classic, just instrumental. I also stumbled upon focus@will and this site does cater personalized music playlist for you to enhance your productivity depending on your situation. That site dedicates itself with thorough research to make sure that the playlist they cater for you will enhance your productivity. I’d say, you should check it out, it will probably come in handy one day.

3. Explore New Techniques


Studying can be hard when your table is stacked with huge piles of papers and textbooks but don’t worry, those are not the only way to study. If you are currently living in the 21st century and do have internet access, I might say that studying will be easier than ever. If you are the kind of person who couldn’t handle reading a bunch of things (I’m definitely guilty for this), maybe learning through a video or a game would be easier for you. Others did try using audio books or interactive exercises instead. To be honest, sometimes I look through the kids' version to help me study. One way to set it to kids version, I usually add the word “kids” on the search engine. Usually, a simpler breakdown of the material you are studying will pop up like 90% of the time and it is low key the best way to understand a certain subject. Trust me, those sites are shockingly very attractive.

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How To Improve Concentration and Focus At Work:

1. Taking a Break


One brain hack that most people ignore while working would be the act of taking breaks. I know that it sounds ridiculous, especially when you are chased by deadlines, but if you keep pushing your body constantly (although you clearly needs a break), your system is going to shut down sooner or later and you probably won’t be done with your deadline after all. It has been proven that a person’s concentration could not last long hours, therefore it is very important for you to stop staring at the screen for a while and stretch or go to the bathroom. Remember, taking a break also helps you relax and ready to tackle your next obstacle.

2. Having A Good Diet


Did you know that having enough energy supply is as crucial as breathing? You can be sitting down in your chair and staring at your computer the whole day but if you don’t have enough sugar, your brain won’t work as effectively as it should be. What’s important is to have your physical and mental parts to work at your highest potential level, therefore taking care of yourself is very important. One easy start would be by being hydrated and also providing enough fuel to get yourself through the day. In addition to that, healthy fats (ex. Avocado or cheese) are both good for you and your brain. So, stop drinking endless buckets of coffee or energy drinks and swap it with a healthier option.

3. Re-organize Your Technologies


Truth be told, it seemingly ain’t nice to hear someone telling you to change your phone and computer settings, but hear me out first would ya? One reason why most people are easily distracted would be because of their easily accessible distractions. Some of these could take forms of shopping apps, subscriptions, social media, and many more. A solution that I could provide you might be through separating your gadget set up between work and personal. Some find it easy to create a new email just for professional use while others would have a different account on their computer for work purposes. Whichever way is fine as long as you won’t be hearing those dings from candy crush, notifying you that your lives have been fully refilled, am I right?

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Hi everyone! These are the tips to improve your concentration and focus that I personally love. I might say that most of them work very well on me and still keeping me as productive as ever. Of course, some of the points I’ve provided might not suit each and every one of you perfectly but why don’t you give it a shot, yea? Who knows that the tone down (aka. Kids version) would have helped you so much or that taking a break will intensify your productivity. On the other hand, I hope that you find laughter and useful resources through this article. So, I’ll leave you guys today with that and until next time, have a great day!

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