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Member Feature 

6 Different Individuals & Stories, How Did They Benefit From PanelPlace?

In PanelPlace, we have millions of users exploring the wide opportunities offered. However, how are they doing? Did they enjoy the journey here too? 6 individuals & stories, how did they benefit from PanelPlace?

BY Melissa Lim / 18 Jul 2018
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"The Artistic Flight Attendant" - Welcome On Board With Farah

Apa Khabar? My name is Farah and I am a Flight Attendant who travels to different countries. PanelPlace is a highly recommended platform for individuals who are seeking opportunities to earn extra income, learning of new tutorials and upgrading your social networking skills - which really benefit your personal endeavours.

BY Melissa Lim / 8 Jul 2018 / 10 Min
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"The Owner of A Black Snake" - The Story of Danielle

I am Danielle who owns a Mexican Black Snake. Market research opportunities are my favourite. Recently, I am deeply in love with education opportunities too! PanelPlace is a fantastic platform for any users to express their thoughts and opinions in correlations with today's fast-paced technology advancement.

BY Melissa Lim / 7 Jul 2018
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Making Ends Meet - A Mother’s Story on Market Research Opportunities

We have heard stories from WFH (Work From Home) people, students, and workers, but have you ever heard from a mother? Today's article will feature Hafik Hanafi, who works both as an employee and a mother. If you are interested in her journey, read along!

BY Aurelia Sugita / 15 Jan 2018
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INSIDER: Honesty Prove To Work Effectively On Paid Surveys

Another day, another blog... but this one is different. Here we have Mr. M S Srinivasan sharing his views toward taking online paid surveys. If you are interested in how honestly plays out on online surveys, click on this article to read more!

BY Aurelia Sugita / 10 Oct 2017
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Janae Truthful Thoughts on Student Doing Paid Survey

From online paid survey, Janae, Singapore college student, earns extra pocket money from it. Learn about her legit online survey taker journey, especially for students.

BY Stella Ellyanti / 17 Aug 2017 / 4 Min