8 Most Memorable Moments

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8 Most Memorable Moments

Happy New Year! As we crossed over to a brand new year, let’s not forget about our favourite moments we had in 2018. Do you remember which is your favourite day of the year? It could be spending time with your loved ones, travelling overseas and even just graduating from school!

Last December, we invited you to share your most memorable moments in 2018 either on our Facebook or Twitter! While reading through all the 240 entries, we felt how each and every moment was significant to you!

Now, let’s recall on the 8 most favourable moments in 2018 our members have experienced and shared!

8 Most Memorable Moments Our Community Went Through In 2018!


As quoted by John Wooden, “The Most Important Thing in the World is Family and Love”. It is no doubt that family plays an important role in our lives and they are our strong pillar of support. Likewise, the majority of our community members (64%) shared family-related memories as their most memorable moments in 2018.


On top of that, we have selected a few family-related memorable entries that have left a great impression.

Melanie Uson


“This is my favourite day of the year. Nothing can beat the happiness of a proud single mom raising a super kid! #merryxmaspp18”

Soneydy Gonzalez


“My favourite day is on November 12. The birth of my baby boy, Ethan and he is 6 weeks old today! I was a little scared because I had to have a c-section. I have a little phobia of having to go under the knife and all those little fears that first-time moms get. However, when my baby was out, it was the most amazing time of my life! Finally, I got to see his little face, heard him cry for the first time and carry him in my arms. I was speechless. But, I managed to let out a “hello”. #merryxmaspp18!”

It’s unquestionably touching and heartwarming to see such strong family bonds!


Memorable family-related moments does not only restrict to people. How about our adorable pets that always brighten up our life?

Daniel Schneider


“This is the great memory of Christmas 2001. My mother took this picture of me and my joy of my life. My cat Kitty and my dog Buffy. We were all together with each other and that is the greatest Christmas present I could have asked for and received. I wouldn’t forget these times. The presents we received under the tree are a nice surprise but the best gift is being fortunate to be together with ones you love with all your heart and you being healthy, happy and doing good in life. That’s all I could ever want. merryxmaspp18!”


Receiving or giving gifts are one of the best moments that we would always recall when celebrating a joyous event. It could be as simple as making a handmade gift or even preparing a special gift solely for that specific person.

Jue Bita


“Merry Christmas in advance! This lovely tiny house is made by my sister. It’s so cute! Merryxmaspp18!”

Handmade gifts are the best!


Jurgen Klopp once said, “Life is Too Short Not to Celebrate Nice Moments!”. Every festive event has its own significance where most of our community members have found joy and memories while celebrating it.


Above all, we have chosen a few wonderful festival events celebrated by members of our community.

Umesh Kumar


“My favourite day was Dussehra celebration the most this year as it was the most beautiful occasion to enjoy. The cheering and celebration of the victory of truth over evil. Enjoyed lots of different dishes and snacks at the Dussehra ground and watched thousands of different colourful firecrackers in the sky. My little daughter has also joined me at this amazing festival. I have spent lots of time with my loved ones too in 2018 on the occasion of the festival such as Diwali, Dussehra and Holi. #merryxmaspp18!”

Budi Setiawan


“This is a celebration of the new year-end party in my city, which is a fireworks party… I am really waiting for this moment! It is because we can gather with millions of family who are united in togetherness and happiness. #merryxmaspp18!”

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As quoted by Jean de La Fontaine, ”Rare as Is True Love, True Friendship Is Rarer”. With the intrusion of social media platforms, the mean of concerning a friend is made digitally by liking their photos. With everything becoming more virtual, face to face interaction is definitely more vulnerable than before.


We have chosen a few precious moments between friends! #friendshipgoals!



“My favourite day in 2018 is the time when I became “sister” (bridesmaid) in my best friend’s wedding. She is my best friend in my life. She always helps me whenever I am in trouble. I am happy to see her living in a happy marriage life! #merryxmaspp18!”



“After parting ways with each other for years, the year 2018 brought us back together. Something never changes 😎. Here’s to never growing up! #friendshipgoal #merryxmaspp18!”


As said by Virginia Woolf, “One Cannot Think Well, Love Well, Sleep Well, if One Has Not Dined Well”. Nowadays, food is more than a need, it has become a way for us to convey any message during memorable events.


We have selected a few food-related memorable entries that have successfully convey useful messages across.

Vivianne Evinajje


“In Africa, everyone in the village wakes up at 5 am to prepare breakfast and food for the day. On Christmas, we would gather together and eat many different kinds of food like chicken, livers, snacks and drinking soda! I can’t explain where we get the appetite on that day but trust me we eat to the maximum! #merryxmaspp18”

Rudi Paunk


“This is the first time our family made Christmas cakes together, it was fun and we enjoyed the moment. #merryxmaspp18!


Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “Happiness Lies In the Joy of Achievement and the Thrill of Creative Efforts”. Definitely, this is one of the best memorable moments to recall! All of the efforts we have put into for a specific goal has successfully achieved!


Congratulations on achieving the spectacular achievements of your life!

Josephine Castillo Bagsic


“This picture simply summarize my 2018. This year, I graduated as an Academic Excellence Awardee, got the Best in Practice Teaching Award and also the Best Research award! This year is so blissful that I happen that I got my dream job which is being a teacher in an exclusive Catholic school. I passed the licensure exams for being a teacher too! There are still countless of blessing I should be thankful for! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year Everyone!😘🎇🎆 #merryxmaspp18!”

Marissa Lee


“My most memorable and fulfilled day in 2018 would be my graduation day! 😊😊🎓🎓 When I was in high school, I remember saying:”I will never want to be an accountant ever!” And here I am graduating from completing my accountancy program 😇😇 It was challenging no doubt because I never had an accountancy background before I took up the professional course, but upon completing, I must say I learnt that nothing is impossible as long you put your heart, mind and soul to do something!😊😊🙌🏻🙌🏻 #merryxmaspp18!”

Give yourself a tap on the shoulder for all the hard work! We are so happy and proud of you!

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Travelling overseas to experience any new adventure is absolutely one of the greatest moments we would always recall and remember! These were some interesting places and encounters our community members have gone through in 2018 during their holiday trips!



“✨Taking a rare selfie with an alpaca in an alpaca cafe in Taipei on my birthday!✨ #merryxmaspp18!"

Leon H


“My favourite day was when I celebrated New Year's Day 2018 in Taiwan and counted down to a great 2018 on the top of Elephant Hill! #merryxmaspp18”

It looks so fun!


Being healthy is unquestionably one of our top priorities in life. With good health, we could accomplish anything we hope to attain in life! Not to mention eating that delicious food in the world. What are some interesting health-related encounters have our members gone through in 2018?

Sylvia Sylvia


"It was my favourite day because it was the day I had the metal implant surgery of my left leg. It was a blessing that I just injured my left leg without any other injuries due to an accident. Without the successful surgery, maybe I will have problems of motion now. #merryxmaspp18

Todo Ryuu


“Today’s the 24th of Dec and I know u might b thinking “wow it must suck having a fever on Xmas eve” but hear me out... sure its a pain having to sneeze n cough again n again n worse when its a combo of those 2... ughh the worst...(cont.) but its super entertaining to see 5 out of 6 of your family suffering from the same damn virus (my mom never catches a cold because she is immune pretty sure she’d survive in maze runner) so I have to say I can't think of any other better way for us strengthening our bond than this 😂🤒😷”

What Is Your Most Memorable Moments In 2018?

Any memorable moments shared by our community members have left a deep impression on you? Even, what are your most memorable moments in 2018? Comment in the box below and tell us what is it all about!

Lastly, we would thank all of our community members who have shared with us your most memorable days in 2018! It has certainly a way to understand all of you a little more than me! A pleasure to read all of those interesting entries! Cheers to the winners of our December 2018 promotion, “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Tweet-Mas!”

Do you have an inspirational quote to share? Tell us any of your most motivating quotes and how it encourages you in your life! For more information, visit our January 2019 promotion, “Inspirational January!” Looking forward to your entries! See you soon!

Do look out for new member stories that will be shared real soon!

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