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Popular Skills Companies Favour Nowadays

Posted by Melissa Lim
Popular Skills Companies Favour Nowadays

“Today, statistics shown by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) have concluded that there is a rise of the number of job seekers unable to find a job even after 25 weeks.” The Straits Time announced. “Fresh graduates were forced to have lower career expectations because it is difficult to get full-time jobs”. I have seen much news regarding this matter. It’s everywhere, on my social media browser and television. As a fresh graduate who is seeking for a “dream” job, I am certainly discouraged with all these disheartening news feed.

As the society advanced so rapidly, the entrance of barriers of getting hired are getting harder to penetrate. Scrolling through the job advertisements online, the list of requirements indicated by employers have become longer too. Also, there were many unfamiliar names of software tools and skills stated in the requirement section. However, as the search for a job continues, the common “demands” required by employers have slowly surfaced.

To that, we have a short summary of ways you can enhance yourself to meet the demands of your future employers. Moreover, suggestions on which platforms you could learn those skills are provided.

Have you acquired them? Read more to find them out!

5 Popular Skills Companies Favour Nowadays!

1. Graphic Design

Due to the changed of target audiences’ social media habits. From desktops to mobile or texts to visuals, companies have to be reactive and responsive so that they could continue to capture the hearts of their audiences.

Nowadays, “Content Marketing” is one of the most “expressive” ways for companies to convey their messages to their audiences. Without a doubt, equipping ourselves with strong computer skills such as Adobe tools, Canva, and Microsoft applications (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel) is necessary in the current workforce.

To start off, individuals could download a full series of free trial tools from Adobe and learn basic functions via tutorial videos online. Adobe tools include graphic designing and making. The trial allows users to utilize the tools for a maximum of seven days. If you are interested, you could consider purchasing them.

2. Social Media

Social Media being one of the most effective ways to “build and connect” bonds between businesses and consumers. Having the knowledge of how it functions in the business’ perspective is a big advantage.

Nowadays, there are numerous short-term digital marketing courses that everyone could apply and enroll to. For example, Equinet Academy. The academy offers a full range, hands-on social media classes such as SEO, Facebook Advertising Core Competencies, and Google Adwords that you could master within two days. By completing the courses, you will be recognized by your skills with certifications.

3. Data Analytics

With social media being one of the main channels where companies are able to track their performances and consumers’ behaviour, slowly the importance of knowing your data well have became part of the job requirements. At present, data are no longer being perceived as numbers or words. Now, data is an important asset to businesses as it helps to identify potential opportunities and revision of planning mistakes.

In 2017, Forbes reported that 53% of companies from FMCG, Telecom, and Financial services have adopted big data analytics and they confirmed that this strategy have better assisted them making a decision as compared to the past.

Similarly, individuals could enhance themselves by taking up courses related to Data Analytics. One of the examples would be Edureka! The online institution provides short-term data science courses of five weeks. The courses available include wide exposures ranging from real-life case studies, online lectures and tutorials. Online demos are posted on their website for individuals to consider before signing up for their courses.

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4. Communication Skills

Communication have always been a big part of anyone’s career. Being able to convey your idea and information clearly and effectively does result in you to better job advancement. Writing emails, presenting of business proposals, and even group discussions require clarity. However, many articles written by businesses such as BBC, The Recruiters, and FastCompany wrote that standard feedback from employer on possible employees are “lack of communication skills, unable to express their minds clearly”.

Individuals could start off by reading books that could help you to improve your communication skills. Here are some recommendations from Matt Morris an eight-time best selling author on books that improves our communication skills.

Another option would be by attending online communication courses. For instance, Coursera. The academy provides professional communication skill guidances. The lesson scope covers the writing of business emails, pronunciation, and verbal conversation both in person and online.

5. Learning New Language

With the influence of globalization, many businesses have to work well with their partners from all different countries in order tp expand their markets. With language barriers, communication issues and misunderstandings, it leads to lots of missed opportunities. Articles are written by Globig, a group of experts from different fields, researched that 64% of executives admitted that barriers of languages led to delay of projects and loss of revenue.

Being able to speak other languages doesn’t only revolve around communication but it also helps to have a great understanding of the culture and environment of that particular country. To the fresh graduates who want to take up an internship overseas, being able to speak a countries’ native language fluently is definitely a big bonus!

There are many ways to learn different languages in this modern world, through downloading of applications and also online media platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion. However, if you still want to sign yourself up with language classes, it’s highly encouraged too!

Being a passionate Korean music and drama lover, learning the Korean language helps me a lot in understanding the conversations and song lyrics. To give an example, one of my favourite site would be SeeSmile! This platform have a wide scope of materials that anyone can be exposed to. For example, you could learn how to write, speak and type Korean characters.

For readers who wants to learn English, British Council is highly recommended! You are able to learn basic or advance English via their online platform or their apps!

Which Skills Do You Think Is Important?

With the rapid change of work dynamics have caused more job opportunities to appear. On the other hand, the demanded skills needed have increased too. It is important for individuals to understand which industries they hope to join, explore, and learn. Hence, we hope that through this summary you are able to find a preferred choice to upgrade your skills. By being well-equipped with more “weapons”, you are ready to get a job in the workforce.

Let us know if you believe that any other popular skills that people should learn nowadays!

So, what are you waiting for? Enhance yourself with these skills!

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See you next time!

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