The Holy Grails of Short Term Classes. I Love The Fifth One!

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The Holy Grails of Short Term Classes. I Love The Fifth One!

Some universities based on a semester system, others are trimesters but the one I attend at the moment, it’s quarterly. Many people wonder how could I keep up with 10 weeks of class (not including the public holidays every quarter), midterms every 3 weeks, 7-8 classes in average and wrapping up the whole class with final exams on the 11th week. As a matter of fact, they were even wondering how I am still in one piece. Others are confused as to how it actually works and categorize my school as using a short term class system.

I would say, it’s true that my classes could be pressurized to the point where I might wonder if going to University is the right choice, but we’re not going to focus on that now. As a person who’ve tried several types of short term classes, let me tell you some of the quirky benefits that follow short term classes.

Before we start, let me make sure that we are on the same page. In this article, short term classes can go as far from a week to 3 months, yea? Now, just read along!

6 Benefits of Short-Term Classes You Should Know!

1. Fast Paced System

Like it’s name, short term classes are incredibly fast. I may have to hold on the handrail all the time to stable myself from the strong wind, filled with assignments and exams. Okay, I’m just joking. It’s actually not as bad as what people think. The shorter the amount of time needed by the class, the faster you could cross off that class from your list, right? In addition, there are more variety of classes you could take from. If you didn’t notice, I’m hinting that you could take classes based on your interests.

2. Grade Maintenance

Some professors are probably what most people think are too good to be true (ex. Easy A, no finals and take home exams) while others are, we should say tolerable. Based on my experience, I do believe that the difficult teachers may give you harsh grades in return but you’ll end up remembering the class pretty well. On the other hand, if you’re really not comfortable with the teachers, you don’t have to get stuck with them for a whole semester, thank heavens! In addition, you will be working closely with your professors and if you maintain the relationship, I may say that this could also help you get recommendation letters. Although each assignment may value quite a lot, grade-wise, I would prefer it more than doing more smaller assignments.

3. Quick Signups

If you are worried because signing up to classes is manual, you should definitely try sites like edX and treehouse. I used to be really nervous when there is a time limit on everything but after I’ve located those sites, I feel like everything becomes easier. Also towards the fact that the world goes online these days. Another great tip would be that those websites are usually a collection of different classes, so it just makes everything a tad bit easier for me.

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4. Economically Beneficial

Maybe what all of you have been curious about! Although short term classes are still technically brief, it pains me to say that it could take a small chunk of your wallet if you calculate it. Then again, it is still cheaper than a semester-based class. What’s more, you don’t need to spend as much time as other students. You could also take it anytime you want and if you’re lucky, there are free ones. I would say that if you eliminate the price/course, this is highly efficient for your budget.

5. Study Abroad Opportunities

Who doesn’t want to study abroad? Travel to countries you’ve never been before and taking credits at the same time! This may be one of the best decisions I’ve done in my life. Not only that this experience will definitely help you as a conversation starter, but you’re also exposed to learning methods in different cultures. I personally think of it as a long-term vacation with the addition of taking classes. Just to give you a small secret, classes from the study abroad programs are usually fun and very memorable.

6. Building up Resumes

In the long run, those short classes can help to add your skills through your resume or even lets you get a promotion in the company you’re currently working in. To add to that, there are lots of people who’ve asked me why I would take some of the classes I’ve picked (ex. The Art of TV drama) and I would say “Why not?”. There are many classes you could explore, some of which may help you increase your skills while others are just for fun. Surprisingly, those “just for fun” classes could one day be your career path. Just remember, anything can happen!

Which Benefits Attract You The Most?

Hello everyone! How was this article? Good? On a personal level, I highly encourage you guys to try any kind of short term classes at least once in your life. As I’ve shared, there are definitely way more benefits to short term classes but I do think that these points are the ones I’ll recommend the most.

To that, we sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and would start doing your research or just explore around this new way of, not only studying but also upgrading your skills. I would also like to remind you that these are based on my own experience with short term classes and I simply favour it more than the long term, semester-based classes. Once again, it is a great honour for me to write this article and share it with you guys and see you all again in the next issue!

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