Starter's Guide On Being A PanelPlace Member

Starter's Guide On Being A PanelPlace Member

For the past weeks, we have covered 2 articles which are how paid survey started and understanding how it works. Now, we think it is a good time to understand how PanelPlace works.

What is PanelPlace?

PanelPlace is an online platform that connects people with legitimate companies, institutions and professional researchers who are in need of opinions for a specific set of topics. By making this connections we help avoid scams and provide interested members a venue to consolidate and organize surveys that is otherwise difficult to manage.

The benefits of being our member

  • We continuously search for active and reputable researchers (survey panels) for our members.
  • Our platform can help members to track survey panels that they have joined.
  • Our platform can also provide you a list of available survey panels that you can join to increase your potential earnings.
  • Paid survey earning proofs are updated daily by our members which you can check at
  • We continuously enhance our process and provide new technology to help our members in improving their paid survey earnings.

How to start using PanelPlace?

1. Register with PanelPlace

  1. Provide your email address and then select your current country. Once done, click on start earning.
  2. Complete the basic profile (we will use the information given to identify survey panels recommended for you)
  3. A verification email will be sent to you once you're done registering. Click the verification link to get started.
  4. Once you have successfully joined PanelPlace, you will see the image below.

panelplace infographics

2. Sign up for recommended survey panels

Start joining survey panels by clicking Panel Store then Recommended Panels. You may now choose from the list of survey panels available for you. Click Join Now or Instant Sign Up to join.

panelplace recommended panels

3. Receive surveys from survey panels you've joined

Once you have registered an account with these survey panels, do remember to activate your account. Survey Panels will use the information given to send survey emails.

4. Redeem your rewards from survey panels directly

Start completing your surveys and get rewarded in forms of cash or e-gift vouchers. Payments are commonly done through PayPal or other payment methods available.

5. Keep track of your earnings by uploading earning proofs on your account

PanelPlace encourages members to upload earning proofs for easier reference. Also other members get a chance to see that these are trusted earnings.

6. Use SurveyEx consolidate your paid surveys from all survey panels

PanelPlace has launched a product that consolidates email surveys in one central location. SurveyEx is currenlty available in India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore markets.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to understand how PanelPlace works. Don't hesitate to be in touch if you have further questions and we will be happy to provide support.


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