Mother's Day Edition: What Do I Like About PanelPlace

Posted by Melissa Lim
Mother's Day Edition: What Do I Like About PanelPlace

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone! How did all of you celebrate this heartwarming day and have you bought a special gift for Mother’s Day?

To commemorate Mother’s day this year, we have invited one of our members, Melanie Uson, mother of three children to share with us her experiences in PanelPlace and what does she like about this platform?

Find out more about the interesting features Melanie likes about PanelPlace!

What Kind of Features Does Melanie Enjoy Using PanelPlace?

1. Hey! Can you tell us more about yourself?

Hello everyone, my name is Melanie Uson. I am a single mother of three children. Currently, I'm working as an ESL teacher, online seller and academic tutor. Usually, during my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with my kids.

2. What attracted you to join PanelPlace?

I was highly recommended by my friend who was already an existing member of PanelPlace. After registering myself up as a member effortlessly, I found myself enjoying the features available such as paid survey opportunities, monthly promotion and reading blog articles. PanelPlace really is an amazing site. Now, I enjoyed this reliable website and I'm glad to be a member of this community.

3. How have you benefited from PanelPlace?

I have benefited from PanelPlace financially and socially. I feel proud of being able to share my opinions. Knowing that my ideas will count and may be used in developing or improving products or services. It gives me a sense of fulfillment. I believe many others have also benefited from the opinions gathered by PanelPlace. On the other hand, financially yes. I have already benefited from the platform. I am thankful for platforms like PanelPlace that I have the opportunity to earn from home while I look after my children.

4. What are your favourite features in PanelPlace? Why?

My most preferred opportunities from PanelPlace are the Paid Survey, Monthly Promotions and their blog articles.

My primary purpose of joining PanelPlace is to earn extra income by participating in the paid survey. However, I discovered that PanelPlace has so much more to offer to their community.

As I participated in the monthly promotion, I read a lot of the entries and each entry has their own unique stories which are either entertaining or imparts learning. For me, money is important but life learning is more valuable. Getting to know people’s stories even though I might not know them personally is like picking up pieces of knowledge. I also love the contents of the newsletters. I learn a lot every now and then.

I am still overwhelmed to be one of the winners of the Ho Ho Ho! Merry Tweet-Mas December promotion. It gives me a sense of achievement knowing that what I share here is being appreciated and rewarded.

In our December promotion, Ho Ho Ho! Merry Tweet-Mas, our community members are required to share with us their most memorable moments in 2018 on our social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. For Melanie, the most unforgettable moments would be seeing her children achieving every different milestone of their life.


“This is my favourite day of the year. Nothing can beat the happiness of a proud single mom raising a super kid! #merryxmaspp18” - Melaine Uson

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5. Is there anything else you would like to say to the PanelPlace community?

PanelPlace is one of the coolest platforms I know. It feels good getting paid for something that you have enjoyed doing. I am truly grateful to be a part of this team :)

What Are Your Favourite Features In PanelPlace?

Well, we have reached the end of this article and hope that many of you discovered more interesting features in PanelPlace just like how Melaine did too! We would also like to thank Melaine for sharing with the community on the amazing discovery she has found on our platform! Knowing how much our members have enjoyed the features in PanelPlace and learnt new knowledge from our blogs really delight us.

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If you are interested to read more inspiring stories from our community, read more at “Member Featuring”! Once again, it’s great to know more about Melanie Uson, we wish her and everyone a fruitful journey here in PanelPlace!

Sharing | Helping | Building - This Is What A Community Is All About!

See you next time!

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