8 Kind of Positive Inspiring Quotes That Inspire You!

Posted by Melissa Lim
8 Kind of Positive Inspiring Quotes That Inspire You!

"If people aren’t having fun, they seldom produce good work." – David Ogilvy

In our vibrant and open office, PanelPlace, this inspiring quote has slowly become our team motto. There are times we were engrossed in searching for new opportunities that we neglected in creating memorable memories together. During such moments, this quote act as a reminder to remind us of the importance of having fun as a team. Do you have quotes that motivate you in life? If you are finding inspirational quotes that motivate you during your bad days, here are 8 different categories you can consider!

8 Inspiring Quotes That Will Keep You Motivated!

1. We Just Need Some Motivation to Push Us Through (Motivational)


We may face many hurdles in life which may cause us to lose confidence in our own abilities. During such times we may always feel that the world is against us.

Thoughts From Our Community

Nur ‘Aina Amirah -“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”

Overall, 2018 was not a smooth year for me. There were many life-changing events that led me to lost motivation. I was looking for ways to release my negative emotions by searching for quotes to express myself. But, one day I realized I should not continue to dwell in depression anymore. I told myself, “if I don’t help myself, who will be the best person to do so?”. I recalled there were occasions that I was defeated, however, every defeat is not my final defeat. In 2019, I was inspired to be a woman with a strong will. I am determined to overcome any obstacles that stand in front of me. I wouldn’t frown easily for unpleasant events now. I shouldn’t give up so easily anymore.

Princes Jecyvhel De Leon - “It’s just pathetic to give up on something before you even give it a shot.”

It is true that fear could easily consume us when we were unsure about the things we couldn’t control. We don’t dare to move our feet, it is really hard for us to even move our first baby steps. I always have this fear of trying anything new, as I wasn’t able to predict the outcome. But, after reading this inspiring quote, I encouraged myself to be braver no matter what the outcomes might be. From this experience, I realized that It is important for us to come out from our comfort zone

2. With The Right Attitude, We Can Accomplish Anything (Attitude)


Our attitude affects our actions in achieving our goals. On the other hand, having quotes that clearly express a certain form of attitude represents our spirit too. A strong quote represents our attitude that made us who we are today and overcoming the difficulties we faced.

Thoughts From Our Community

Sultana - “I AM because I believe I can.”

After a couple of years in married life, our family met with our greatest difficulty. My husband was out of a job. At that moment, I got to know this quote and it became my motto. I took up a diploma course and successfully found a job afterwards. For the past seven years, I was able to maintain a work-life balance lifestyle. Simultaneously, I took care of my six years old child and became the breadwinner of our household. All this happened because I believe I can accomplish any goals set. Now, I can proudly say I am an independent woman who can overcome any obstacles standing in front of me.

Stanley Arenas - "Be wise, be mature, and be responsible"

“I am a ‘happy-go-lucky’ person who always believes things optimistically. In the Philippines, having proper education is important as it helps many families to be out of poverty. It is also a symbol of being successful or happy. I was shocked when I failed one of my subjects. The dream of providing a more sustainable life for my family became blurred and distant. I was able to attend college mainly with the financial aid from my Aunt. With the need for repeating a year, I felt that I disappointed my family. The effort from them putting me to school went in vain.I gave up until I saw this quote. I was inspired. It makes me realized life does not always go with what we planned. I have to learn to accept my failures and conquer it. I kept in my mind that I should be mature, wise and take responsibility for my actions.

3. What Makes Us Work Well, Is To Love What We Do (Work)


“You are not good enough.” Discouraging words that led you to lose faith in your abilities. With a strong quote, it will ignite your fighting spirits and encourage you to work harder.

Thoughts From Our Community

Mylyn - "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

For more than 10 years, I am deeply passionate in technology. After graduating from high school, I continue to pursue my interest and studied computer rated course in college. I was told that while continuing this specific field, it is going to be difficult. But, this doesn’t stop me from chasing my dream of wanting to learn more about what I love. I totally agree with what this quote is trying to convey. Despite struggling in between, I am still enjoying the journey to learn more about technology or computer. I was glad that I completed my course and was awarded as best in Computer. My family was proud of me. It doesn't matter about what most people say, what matters the most is that we enjoy doing what we love.

Sharmaine Locso - “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

As a Quality Evaluator, I thought my role was just simply identifying critical behaviour of our customers and listening to calls. One day, we need to choose a call for calibration purposes. During our own team meeting, we shared opinions and ideas. However, the discussion didn’t went well. I was inspired by this quote and shared with others as it is relatable to us being a quality evaluator. The day where we have to present our ideas have arrived. The meeting was intense, there were several questions thrown to the team to answer from all the managers. I was glad that the meeting went well. We were able to deliver a clear explanation and understanding of the selected call behaviour we have chosen. If we didn’t prepare for the calibration session, we wouldn’t addressed the correct behaviour. I strongly believe that preparation, knowledge, and skills are the keys to success.

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4. We All Have Our Own Beliefs, A Mindset That Kept Us Going (Beliefs)


We all have different beliefs that we keep in mind and act on it. As we have different beliefs, naturally, everyone would have different perspectives on each situation. By having a quote that we strongly believe might keep us motivated.

Thoughts From Our Community

Sreyashi Das - “Whatever happened, it may happen for good. Just keep the faith and everything may fall into place one day. Whatever the outcome may be, keep working hard towards your goal.”

“I got rejected by almost hundreds of companies that I applied. It was upsetting to receive rejections. By knowing this quote, I believed that whatever happened may be happening for good. I did not lose hope. I realized my weaknesses and I improve them. In the end, I got my dream job and I was overjoyed.”

Nur Alifah Ilyana - “Dream it. Do it.”

This famous quote is said by Walt Disney. I still remember I need to finish one of my projects. I felt inferior as I believed that my ideas weren’t as creative as others. But, I just went with the flow and submitted my work. To my surprise, I actually won an award for it. Definitely amazed.

5. In Education, It’s Never About Comparing Good Grades (Educational)


Ranking in position and comparing of results among classes is a normal routine in school. With this, “fear” has become a big part of our education life. But, there are still good times when we pass our tests in flying colours. Always remember to stay humble but with reasonable confidence. Quotes can be educational too.

Thoughts From Our Community

Jenifer Palma - “Education is not learning about facts, but the training for the mind to think.”

During my school days, I wasn't the most talented student with goods grades. From this quote, I realized that getting good grades doesn’t represent my abilities. What matters the most is applying what you learnt to your daily life. This is the most beneficial knowledge I gained.

Cloie - "The root of education is bitter but its fruit is sweet."

I have never been top of the class in academics as I was uninterested, until I encounter this quote. It got me curious about how it will be like to be on the honour list. Then, I was determined to work hard for it. Although the journey in preparing for examination was tiring, he imagination of success really kept me going. In the end, I did it! My results pays off just like a fruit growing out from its plant. The quote reminds me about the tough journey I been through and the hardship of achieving it!

6. We Should Take Some Time To Deeply Reflect On Our Hectic Life (Reflection)


Could you recall the last time you reflected on your busy life? A quote doesn’t only reminds us about situations when we were upset or in joy. But, it also allows us to reflect on situations we have been through.

Thoughts From Our Community

Hannah - “Detachment does not mean you own nothing, but that nothing should own you too.”

Sometimes, we overly depend on others. When we didn’t receive much attention it makes us felt uneasy. After knowing this quote, I learnt that I should have my own life too. At times, we may depend on our loved ones but we should still be in control of our life.

Nette Dionisio - "Each individual has differences and that differences made us special. In order to empower someone, you must believe that they are special."

“As a leader, I encountered many kinds of personalities. There might be a mixture of both good and bad attributes in each person. I always keep in mind about this quote whenever I am leading a team. I believe that each of my teammates is special in their own ways. By appreciating their contributions, they will eventually enjoy working with you.”

Cherie Lyn Barrieta - "Hurting someone can be as easy as throwing a stone in the sea. But, do you have any idea how deep that stone can go?"

We all have been through times when we were impulsive and the words came from our mouth were hurtful. From this quote, I reflected and learnt to control my emotions. I should still stay level-headed and considerate for others. We do not know how much those malicious words would hurt someone.

7. Receiving Concern Is Our Greatest Medicine To Keep Moving On (Love)


Love comes in many forms. One of the greatest negligence we forgot is to love ourselves. Surprisingly, many of us realized the importance of loving both our family members and ourselves through these few words.

Thoughts From Our Community

Azura - “Life is hard, we are together, and trust me we will be just fine”

During the hardest time of my life, everything was crumbling. My mom stayed by and supported me. She let me know that she was there for me. I find this quote very relatable because it clearly wrote out how I felt. It allows me to understand that there will always be someone there for me when I need help.

John Rey - "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

“My family have always been my pillar of support. Whenever I encounter any problems, they are always there to encourage me. Constantly, providing me with endless support and love towards the things I do. I really love this quote as it represents the strong bond I have with my family.”

8. Quotes Can Be Entertaining Too! (Entertainment)


To many of us, quotes are words of wisdom that we strongly believe. A common view of a quote is more “serious” than entertaining. In fact, there are quotes that are funny and meaningful too.

Thoughts From Our Community

Punit soni - “Be yourself. Don't be a Xerox of anyone. Let someone be your Xerox.”

“When I was young, I was inspired by role models. I tend to want to mimic their lifestyle. But, as I grew older, a sudden thought came into my mind, “why should I follow others?” From this funny quote, I realized I can be unique in my own ways and perhaps I could inspire others too.

Adam Marchell - "If someone tells you're not good enough, make them spell their names backwards. If doesn't make sense, so does their opinion about you too."

“I felt insecure with myself. I received criticism that I am not worthy enough in the things I am doing. This quote really inspires me as I tend to hold highly on everyone’s comments. But, those nasty comments don’t have many meanings to it. I can be myself and enjoy what I do. Their opinions don’t matter to me.”

Which Is Your Favourite Inspirational Quote?

Every quote has its own meaningful explanation behind. From all these wise words, it kept us motivated in our life especially on days we feel like giving up. For us, our favourite quote of the day would be quotes from the entertainment category. It never went through our mind that quotes could be funny and meaningful at the same time.

From Inspirational January, we are glad that many of you participated with the intent of encouraging each other. It was really inspiring! We would like to say be confident in your own powers! Never give up even you are facing the toughest obstacle in life. You can do it!

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