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Let's Talk PanelPlace: It's Our 7th Birthday!

It's PanelPlace's 7th Anniversary, we would like to share one of our favourite hobbies with our beloved members. That's book sharing. A method we adopted to learn new skills and knowledge on our daily basis. 2929 birthday blessing, books shared and amazing descriptions.

BY Melissa Lim / 4 Dec 2018 / 4 min
Lets Talk PanelPlace 

Let's Talk PanelPlace: Welcome To Our Halloween Party

It's another month of the spookiest time in the year! In the past, we organized many scary promotions such as "Would You Rather: Dilemma" & "Spooky Short Stories"! Welcome to our Halloween Party! Who are the lucky 20 individuals that survived through this scariest event? Vampires or zombies?

BY Melissa Lim / 7 Nov 2018 / 4 Min
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Let's Talk PanelPlace: 6 Reasons Of Why We Love Interns (And You Should, Too!)

Why are interns highly valued for most companies? Why are they offered constantly? In this article, we will talk about how interns benefit the companies and how internship programs are the best thing ever as an opportunity.

BY Aurelia Sugita / 19 Oct 2018 / 10 Min
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Let's Talk PanelPlace: We Dare Your Eyes

Let’s explore the world under the microscope! In September, we dared the eyesight of our members. Were they sharp enough to identify those daily sundry items and foods even transformed under the microscope? Ordinary items turned magical under the microscope!

BY Melissa Lim / 3 Oct 2018
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Let's Talk PanelPlace: Name The Emoji

30 emoji pros were identified, are you one of them who have uncovered the hidden meanings behind the 10 sets of emoji about movies aired in 2018?

BY Melissa Lim / 3 Sep 2018
Lets Talk PanelPlace 

Lets Talk PanelPlace: World Cup Festival

2037 of soccer enthusiasts have participated in our "World Cup Festival" in July. From this promotion, 90% of them have enjoyed and know more about the history of the World Cup. Do you know who won the first ever World Cup and when was it hosted? Which soccer team was predicted to be the best soccer team to win the FIFA World Cup 2018?

BY Melissa Lim / 30 Jul 2018