Are These Top 8 Chinese Superstition Still Observed in 2017?

Are These Top 8 Chinese Superstition Still Observed in 2017?

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As we have all heard of some of the superstitions that Chinese believe in, have you ever wondered why they do? In this article, we will discuss and find out if the current generation still observe these Top 8 Chinese New Year superstitions!

1. Not wearing black and white during Chinese New Year (CNY)


During the Chinese New Year, Chinese are encouraged to wear bright coloured clothings, especially red. The colour red symbolizes luck and is believed to be able to ward away evil.

On the other hand, black and white colours are generally associated with mourning. Wearing these colours may be referred to as inauspicious and disrespectful to the elderly during visits.


Based on the respondents, we found out that 38% of the survey takers avoid wearing black and white, while 62% of them don’t see these colours as inauspicious. Well, with minimalist fashion trend catching up, this is definitely not a surprise!

2. Pay all your debts before the new year approaches


It is believed that debts between friends and family should be cleared before the arrival of the new year. If debts are not cleared, it is said that the debt will continue for life and for the upcoming new year. If your friend refuses to pay up, remember not to demand at his doorstep! This will bring misfortune to you all year round.


Here’s what we got… it’s a draw! Half of you guys do clear up debts, and half don’t find the need to. Well, a man's got to do what a man's got to do, start reminding them to pay up now!

3. Cleaning home before the start of the New Year


It’s the time of the year where your moms will start nagging at you to clean your rooms! The act of spring cleaning represents a farewell to the old year, and a big welcome to the New Year.

Chinese believe that a clean-up is necessary to throw away unnecessary and old things and replace them with new things. New Year Shopping may include shopping for new year snacks, decorations and clothes!


I’m sure moms around the world is happy to know that the majority of you clean your home! We agree that the new year is definitely a great excuse to do some major spring cleaning to make space for shopping!

4. Avoid the use of needles, knives or scissors


During new year's day, sharp tools are a no-no! Chinese believe that these tools should be avoided as they are generally used to harm a living thing or tool, which is inauspicious and may cut off fortune, leading to a depletion of wealth!

A Chinese saying states that if these sharp tools were to be used on new year’s day, it may cause quarrels or disputes in families.


Seems like majority of you disagree with Gordon Ramsay chasing you out of the kitchen! Well, sharp items do get dangerous, if you are a little clumsy. The PanelPlace Team do agree it’s not easy opening that packet of Bak Kwa, you definitely need to use a scissors for that!

5. No washing of hair on New Year’s


Washing of hair must be avoided on the first day of new year. In Chinese language, hair has the same pronunciation and character as fortune. That being said, if you wash your hair, you are probably washing your fortune away. This is definitely not a good way to start your New Year!


Results show that all of the survey takers do not observe this tradition. Sure enough, washing of hair is definitely difficult to avoid, especially when you want to look your best! Use a dry shampoo or shower cap if you intend to observe this tradition this coming new year.

6. No sweeping of floor during New Year


Similar to washing of hair, the act of sweeping or throwing the trash signifies sweeping one’s fortune away. Also, the Chinese believe that it is easy to pour dirt onto the Gods, which might lead to misfortune or disaster in the household if the Gods are agitated. Thus, sweeping of floor should be avoided from Day 1 to Day 4.


It seems that the majority of you prefers to keep your wealth at home. Smart move, you can always sweep the floor the day before New Year. If you really have to sweep the floor, start from the door and sweep it inwards to prevent sweeping luck away!

7. Married daughters not allowed to visit the house of her parents on the first day


Married daughters are not allowed to do house visits on the first day, as it is believed to bring economic hardship for her family. Traditionally, married daughters visit her parents on the second day, as it’s a day to welcome son-in-laws!


It seems that majority of your families don’t mind having the company of married daughters, despite this superstition! As a family gets bigger, it gets harder to accommodate due to conflicting schedules. As long as families get to celebrate this joyous occasion together, all will be well!

8. Avoid uttering unlucky words


It’s a festive season, everyone should refrain from using foul language or unlucky words! Negative words such as “si”, also known as die or death should not be mentioned.

Ghosts stories and references to the past year should be avoided to prevent misfortune. It is important to greet the elderly with auspicious four-word chinese idoms, with the most common one being “Gong Xi Fa Cai”.


Wow, the elderlies must be displeased! It seems that less than half of you avoid uttering unlucky words. It wouldn’t kill (oops!) to memorize some chinese idioms, they might come in handy. Your red packet may get upsized, you never know!



Of course, there are a lot more superstitions that Chinese practice during Chinese New Year that are not mentioned above. Whether you believe in these or not, we still hope you enjoyed reading the article, and gained more understanding about the different cultures around the world.

Afterall, Chinese New Year is the time of the year where families gather to enjoy family time and celebrate the reunion of all family members! The PanelPlace Team wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year! May the coming year bring you loads of joy, love, peace and online paid survey earnings!

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