Top 11 Benefits Of Learning A New Language

The thought of learning the local language has been lingering in my head, but I was giving myself excuses. After an unforgettable experience at oversea, I became determined to proceed with my thought. Along with my journey, I found out that learning a new language does benefit me in many ways.

BY You Fei Chan / 13 Dec 2018 / 7 min

Top 5 Reasons Why Online Courses For Kids Is Garnering Attention From Parents

In children learning process, knowledge is always not the top priority but to ignite curiosity, creativity and imagination which allow them to grow exponentially. In this article, we will share on why parents like online courses for kids.

BY You Fei Chan / 13 Sep 2018 / 10 Min

5 Practical Tips To Improve Communication Skills

Nowadays, people are used to communicating through messaging and feeling more comfortable with it. But they might be losing the skills of communication, as it involved in verbal, visual, written and non-verbally. In this article, we will share some ways to improve communication skills.

BY You Fei Chan / 6 Sep 2018

Skills Development On Tight Schedule: Secret Revealed

Thinking of skills development to advance your professional growth, but feeling sceptical due to the tight schedule? There are many ways you can explore in honing your skills. Let's us helps you supervise your existing time.

BY You Fei Chan / 30 Aug 2018

5 Guidelines You Need to Know to Ace Online Courses

With the demand for higher competencies, the need for self-fulfillment and career development is inevitable. It may seem hard to get on the competition, but nothing is much harder than not trying. And what a good way to start is to embark on online courses for its a big thing.

BY Viva Villapena / 9 Aug 2018

Top 5 Important Skills You Need For Your Career

Top 5 important skills you need for your career! They are Effective leadership skills, People skills, socializing skills, creativity and resilience. It's Never Too Late To Learn New Skills! Let's improve our skills now!

BY Jamie Jin / 13 Jun 2018 / 5 Min