5 Christmas Online Courses That Elevates Your Party

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5 Christmas Online Courses That Elevates Your Party

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas or shall we say Merry Tweet-Mas in PanelPlace! Christmas, also known as Thanksgiving is a season of spreading happiness and showing gratitude to the people you love! During this festive season, most of us would decorate the Christmas tree, dress up as Santa Clause and gather together to enjoy the mouth-watering meals prepared. Not to forget, the most exciting activity of the season, gift exchange! Just before the year ends, perhaps we would sit back and reflect on all of the moments we have been through in the year. Ready to welcome the brand new year!

Likewise, that’s what we do too in our open office here at PanelPlace. We would celebrate Christmas together as a team by preparing a gift for each other and going out for a scrumptious buffet. Thanking each other for the all hard work done in the year! However, what are other ways we can do days before Christmas reaches to elevate our Christmas celebration? Without further ado, here are 5 joyous online courses that take your party to the next level!

5 Joyous Online Courses For Christmas Celebration

1. Christmas Holiday Courses


Have you ever wonder how does Christmas start? What is the story behind this well-liked festival by everyone? Be a Christmas expert!

Course Description: A comprehensive 10 hours online course aspires to groom festival experts who will be well-equipping with various skills. Through these sixteen (16) Christmas holiday lessons, participants would be well-exposed and learn about…

  1. Interesting history and facts about this cold yet heartwarming winter holiday.
  2. Creative and innovative workshops that encourage you to plan for a unique Christmas party.
  3. Useful and convenient cookery (such as log cakes, pudding and turkey) online tutorials you could learn from to cook for your family and friends at home
  4. Planning and setting budgets on gifts, decoration items and food
  5. Fun gaming activities that enhance communication through family bonding

Cost & Fees: £299.00 with lifetime course access and certification of participation would be awarded to participants

You would definitely be well-prepared to host one of the greatest parties with yummy meals that leaves a memorable impression on your guest forever! #partylikeapro #levelupparty

2. Holiday Travel Course - The Gift of Christmas


There are many ways you could celebrate this festival, why not consider celebrating overseas and experience the icy cold snow?

Course Description: A once in a lifetime holiday travel course that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who wants to experience Christmas in a whole new level!

“The Gift of Christmas” is a visually stunning multimedia event performed by thousands of casts, choir and a live orchestra! Through this engaging musical, you will get a chance to travel to Prestonwood in Texas, North America! This spectacular event has a delicious Christmas buffet featuring roasted turkey breast, ice-cream cakes and pies! It sounds so tasty already!

Cost & Fees: The standard ticket prices is around $18 to $32 depending on the seats you have selected. On the other hand, the Christmas buffet costs $19.50 for adults and $9.50 for children age 11 years old and below.

Don’t miss this opportunity to indulge in the warm-filled season which you have been anticipating for the past one year! #letsgooversea

3. Online Baking Courses


It is no doubts that a fantastic Christmas gathering would not be complete without a table full of gladdening dishes specially cooked by our family members. Why not enhance this experience by learning how to bake classic Christmas recipes via an online baking course with your loved ones? #familybonding

Course Description: These online baking tutorials are available for all adults and especially children age between 4 to 12 years old who are interested to learn baking too! There is a wide range of varieties of recipes that parents and children could choose from. It could the building a Gingerbread House, Christmas Mini Log Cake and even creative miniature muffins for your kids! Not to worry, the timing of the course is very flexible! You could start the course at your own time basis.

After enrolling to the baking courses that you are highly passionate for, you are entitled to…

  1. Lifelong access to the specific online baking videos and tutorials you have subscribed
  2. Ingredients and baking tools you needed for the baking class which may incur additional cost (available on their online website)

Cost & Fees: As the cost of the online baking course depends on which recipes you selected to learn, we would state that the fees would range from $50 to $160. Additional costs may be included if you decide to purchase their tools online.

Take this chance to show off your inner talents and at the same time use this opportunity to garner a common hobby with your loved one.

Additional tips: Udemy is a global marketplace for anyone to learn online courses anytime and anywhere. Currently, the well-known online learning platform has 15 million students mastering new skills including languages, communication and technical skills to achieve their goals from an extensive library of over 45,000 courses taught by expert instructors.

Start Acquiring Baking Skills Now!

4. Handmade Christmas Crafts


What’s more touching to receive a heartfelt gift crafted personally by your loved one or seeing someone with a happy face after unwrapping the present that you solely prepared? It is a common tradition that people would make Christmas wreath and cards as a gift during this festival. What are some online courses you could entitle yourself to...

A. Natural Christmas Wreath


What is a Christmas wreath? It is a Christmas decoration that is usually hanged on the door of the house made with natural materials such as tree branches and flowers.

Course Description: The online course is open to anyone who wants to learn how to make their own Christmas wreath. After subscribing to the tutorials, you will be equipped with a kit of materials needed for your wreath.

Cost & Fees: It ranges from $32 to $40 based on various providers.

Be a part of the community and learn how to make Christmas wreath that amplifies the festive vibes in your district. At the same time, wow your guest with your delicate handy craft skills.

B. Christmas Cards


Making Christmas cards have been a tradition dated all the way back to 1843. It’s a great way for you to convey a heartfelt message to your special one. It’s also one of the best ways where you could reconnect and celebrate this wonderful season with family or friends who stay far away.

Course Description: Crafting of Christmas cards courses takes approximately 33 minutes on average to complete and it is open to all levels who do not have any crafting experiences previously. Through the online courses, you would learn how to make…

  1. Adorable cards for young children
  2. 3D pop-up cards
  3. Animated and advance cards such as lights up cards

On top of everything, lifelong access to the tutorials, step-by-step instructions from the tutor and standard templates for you to learn at home.

Cost & Fees: One of the most popular handmade card online classes would be from Udemy which cost around $17.99. The online course can be accessed through your devices anywhere and anytime you want.

Share your love and craft any handmade cards. It could be a simple one, what matters the most is your thoughts for them.

5. Language Online Courses


Have you ever consider experiencing Christmas in different countries and cultures? There are many online providers that set up language courses such as German, French and Spanish during Christmas that prepare anyone who wishes to celebrate this season in a foreign country and communicate effectively without facing any language barriers.

Course Description: Choose a language that you are highly interested in and hope to travel. Be engaged with a native speaker virtually who will be teaching you the culture and language in their own country.

Cost & Fees: $0 to $17.99, there are lots of free mobile applications available in various app stores for users who are interested in learning new languages. Otherwise, if you prefer having an online tutor to guide you step-by-step, sign up for online language courses from providers such as Udemy and Skillshare.

Communication skills have always been one of the most useful skills that you should acquire when travelling to a foreign country. Take this moment, go out of your comfort zone and explore the various countries you want to attend online courses. It enables you to gain new knowledge and understanding of how other countries celebrates this winter holiday too.

Additional Tips: Busuu is the world’s largest community to learn languages online. The digital platform provides up to 12 different languages online courses to more than 100 million learners worldwide anytime and anywhere.

Speak A Language In 10 Minutes Now!

Any Christmas Online Courses That Highly Interests You?

Celebrate your Christmas differently this year either by learning how to bake online, travelling overseas with fluent verbal communication while catching the most anticipating Christmas shows or even doing some heartfelt handmade crafts for your loved ones.

Share with us what are your own secret tips you have done that would elevate your Christmas party to the next level! Let us know by commenting down below at our comment box.

As the year comes to an end, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! All the best for everything!

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