5 Guidelines You Need to Know to Ace Online Courses

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5 Guidelines You Need to Know to Ace Online Courses

With the demand for higher competencies, the need for self-fulfilment and career development is inevitable. It may seem hard to get on the competition, but nothing is much harder than not trying. And what a good way to start is to embark on online courses for “Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the big thing” as stated by Donna Abernathy.

Learning is a continuous process, and it doesn’t end just after finishing a tertiary level or after landing your dream.

In today’s era, everyone can improve and acquire new skills by attending a specific course online. Due to the prevalence of online learning, millions of students now engage in attending online classes. Professionals and working buddies who wanted to gain more skills for career advancement can also consider online education their buddy. In a recent study by Pearson (2016), around 72% of adults who are enrolled or plan to enrol to an online degree or online course certificate program needs additional education to keep up with advancement in their field.

The change in learning possibilities with technology, give you benefits flexibility, affordability and more in-depth discussion of the field you are into. Online education indeed offers you a more convenient way to experience learning.

While you seem interested in pursuing online classes, still you feel a little bit hesitant because of some how’s and what’s of attending online education. You are having doubts of the overall program flow, it’s format, and whether it is a free online course or a tuition fee is required. With these vague questions, especially if you’re attending an online class for the first time, it may appear as a big challenge, but it is indeed a great opportunity for you.

Starting to engage on a new platform of learning, especially online education, is one of the most difficult situations that newbie online learner can encounter. It is a daunting process, thus, preparing you with some guidelines on how to start attending an online class would be the best move.

5 Tips To Ace Online Courses!

1. Align Your Goals and Interests

First things first. In attending an online class, you need to be clear on your wants and needs. Decide on the field you wanted to be into. Keep in mind your interests. Is it photography, writing, web development, editing, English proficiency, digital marketing, and/or master coding system?

With the wide array of fields to choose from, you have to be specific on what you really need and what tickles your interests. You must choose the fields that can give you self-fulfilment and career advancement for the future.

With online studying you can have two or more courses at the same time at different online academic websites.

2. Go for Quality Online Learning Platforms

Choosing the right school to start an online class is very crucial, thus, you must be very meticulous in finding the best and right online platform for you.

Check the academe’s integrity and quality by doing a cross-reference. Top 3 methods in choosing online schools according to Best College 2017 Education Trends Report are:

  • Reading online reviews from students (38%)
  • Research for College Website (36%)
  • Contacting the school directly (31%)

Considering the credentials of the instructors and the school’s accreditation would also be necessary.

3. Pick Online Format That Suits You

You must take a course format that suits your availability, specialty, and provides you convenience before enrolling.

Considering your style in studying would be very effective for you to avoid being sluggish while taking the course.

Some of the online learning style includes live webinar, recorded video and/or audio, and live conferencing to name a few. Other academe requires a face-to-face lecture once in a month or by schedule. You must also take note of the duration of the curriculum; it may take a week, or longer enough, around a year, if you are getting an online degree.

Here are the top 5 massive open online courses website according to Dr. Dhawal Shah’s report(Founder of Class Central, #1 Search Engine for Online Courses) based on registered users:

  • Coursera – 30 million
  • edX – 14 million
  • Xuetang – 9.3 million
  • Udacity – 8 million
  • Futurelearn – 7.1 million

You can also consider other online platforms, like Teachable, Skillshare, Udemy, CNN Underscored and even Colleges and Universities offering distance learning like Harvard Online University.

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4. Gear Yourself up for the Online Class

A good learning environment affects your learning progress.

With a conducive area for your online class is a big help in delivering a positive learning style and outcome. In this note, choose a place with good lighting, a clear desk, a proper study chair that will allow you to study in a comfortable and effective way.

In a web-based learning you must also be well-equipped to digital learning tools.

Prepare for a good quality computer, a laptop, or a tablet (with the needed software or hardware) and a high-speed internet connection.

Having a pen and a notebook to jot down notes or to highlight some points on your module will be very helpful, too.

5. Stick to Your Schedule

Your attitude towards online class determine how will you finish your course. Remember that like on-campus schooling, online classes are demanding, too.

You must enthrall a good time management to avoid being left behind. With this fast-paced online education, it is a must that you plan and organize your study habits. Set your alarm clock and avoid procrastination.

Make an action with right attitude, skills, and a burning desire to learn and acquire new skills to attend, finish and get online course certificate.

Which Guidelines Is The Most Useful?

Deciding to take up online classes up to finishing the course itself is a roller coaster ride. It is not easy as you think but it is more challenging than you think. As long as you follow all the preparations needed before taking up the online class everything will fall on their places. Do not be misguided and keep your goals on track.

Now, you can be everything you want to be with online courses.

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