Top 5 Platforms That Offers E-Books

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Top 5 Platforms That Offers E-Books

Hello all! Is it me or nowadays people start picking up on audiobooks? It is quite amazing to see the evolution of books these days. I used to frequent my favorite bookstore to check out new books and immersed myself in the sea of knowledge. With the rise of technology, now we have so many opportunities and access to books. Of course, some people might prefer the hard copy while others would rather go with e-books or audiobooks. If any of you are interested in finding out about some e-book platforms, why don’t you check it out down below!

Platforms That Offers E-Books:

1. Blinkist

Like many others, Blinkist also offers both text and audio choices for you to read your books. One thing that I’m quite fascinated with this platform would be the vast amount of book choices. Not only that they cover a lot of nonfiction books, but also that they have more than 3,000 of them. If that’s not enough, you could join their community and discuss the books to your content! I’ve never encountered a nonfiction site that also allows you to connect with other readers. I’d say both trading insights and also upgrading skills through learning from these e-books might be quite handy. Their nonfiction categories cover many popular topics, such as history and psychology. If those don’t appeal to you, they also have some books that cover personal growth and self-improvements. In a way, this platform does offer a lot of resources.

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2. Instaread

Do you think that you could read or listen to a nonfiction book in 15 minutes? If you don’t believe it, you could try it through Instaread. This site is prepared with at least 800 non-fiction books. If you don’t know what to read, not to worry, you can start with one of those 800 books this site has. Like Blinkist, this site also offers audiobooks. I personally find them quite handy, especially when you could listen and learn more while also doing mundane tasks. This platform also highlights its flexibility with device usage. It can work on both Android and iOS, also that it could connect all of your devices together. Some of the titles that they highlight are The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, and many more. This site also covers topics such as politics, social sciences, and health & fitness.

3. getAbstract

Unlike the other reading apps, getAbstract has more than 18,000 nonfiction books for you to read. What’s better than that? They also offer summarization of these books to a 10-minute read. In a way, you don’t have to read the whole book to understand the big picture of it. I’d say that this site is like the SparkNotes of classical literature. You could crash course through this site if you are in a pinch. What I like most about this platform is for their encouragement to not only learn but also compress it to shorter learning time, especially when our time is limited. If any of you can relate, this site will be golden when you’re preparing for your upcoming presentation or if you haven’t read those books for your next assignment. They also break down their subscriptions through individuals, companies, and students.

4. BookRags

This is the study heaven for all of you students out there. As you could see, not only that BookRags is equipped with study sources, but they also have guides, plans, essays, and homework help for you. Unlike the other reading apps, this site not only covers nonfiction, but also fiction literature. In addition to that, they also cover films, plays, literary movements, poetry and many more. For those of you who need more time to study, their study plan also comes with schedules, exercises, and quizzes. I was quite surprised when I found out about this because most of them tend to not offer these kinds of services. Last but not least, their homework help consists of other users. Somewhat it looks like a more informative version of yahoo answers but this whole system is quite handy, especially for students.

5. Bookmate

What makes Bookmate stands out would definitely be their app layout. It automatically lets you filter your genres and searches. Other than that, you could also immediately view their picks of the week and also switch languages depending on whichever one you prefer. They also offer free collections, which is definitely an upper hand on their part, when compared with the other sites. There is also a unique feature where you could upload your book in either FB2 or EPUB format so you could transfer it to your devices. Another feature I like about this app would definitely be their customizable displays and also the user’s ability to create a themed bookshelf. They also offer offline readings and also makes it quite exciting to pick a new title for your next reading session.

6. Audible

audible is the world’s largest seller and producer of audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment, enriching the lives of our millions of listeners every day. As an Amazon's company and with its customer-centric approach to technological innovation and superior programming, Audible has reinvented a media category and is the driving force behind today’s audio entertainment revolution. You can get 1 Free Audiobook and 2 Audible Originals when you sign up for a 30 days Free-Trial!

Hello all! Was this excerpt informational for all of you? I find that with the change in ways of learning, we should try out these new sources to access books. I do highly encourage all of you to explore e-books through different platforms too! Of course, what’s important is your comfortability with that site so don’t hesitate to try all of them :) I hope that you enjoyed this article as I am and also find it resourceful. Today, I will leave you on that and hope that all of you have an enjoyable day! Until next time!

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