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Top 5 Platforms That Offers E-Books

Top 5 Platforms That Offers E-Books

Hello all! Is it me or nowadays people start picking up on audiobooks? It is quite amazing to see the evolution of books these days. With the rise of technology, now we have so many opportunities and access to books. Of course, some people might prefer the hard copy while others would rather go with e-books or audiobooks. If any of you are interested in finding out about some e-book platforms, why don’t you check it out down below!

Platforms That Offers E-Books:

1. Blinkist

Like many others, Blinkist also offers both text and audio choices for you to read your books. One thing that I’m quite fascinated with this platform would be the vast amount of book choices. Not only that they cover a lot of nonfiction books, but also that they have more than 3,000 of them. If that’s not enough, you could join their community and discuss the books to your content! I’ve never encountered a nonfiction site that also allows you to connect with other readers. I’d say both trading insights and also upgrading skills through learning from these e-books might be quite handy. Their nonfiction categories cover many popular topics, such as history and psychology. If those don’t appeal to you, they also have some books that cover personal growth and self-improvements. In a way, this platform does offer a lot of resources.


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