Future Gadgets You Might Just See 5 Years Later

Future Gadgets You Might Just See 5 Years Later

Imagine a house that transforms its interior design according to your needs or a tattoo that can function as a handphone. This could be the future we live in a few years from now! Here is a sneak peek showing the possible gadgets we might just see 5 years from now!

1. Self-Driving Cars

Those who struggle with parking can rejoice! Do you know that some cars on the road already have some self-driving capability? In fact, many believe that we will be able to complete a fully autonomous self-driving car by 2019! Numerous companies like Tesla and Google have been rigorously testing their prototypes in a race to be the first to launch such cars. There are even more advanced features under development, like the ability to learn about the driver’s preferences and needs over time, such as Toyota’s Concept-i. However, the launch date might be slightly later as there are still some hurdles ahead such as a need for clearer safety regulations governing such cars.

2. Passenger Drones

Think driverless cars are too mainstream? How about passenger drones for a change! Not only will it help you skip traffic jams, it will ensure you make a grand entrance as well! Ehang 184 was designed to carry a single passenger for 23 minutes at a speed of 60 MPH. However, it is still in its initial stages ... but one can hope right?

3. Digital Tattoo

Forget about getting an ink tattoo and just wait for a digital one instead! A digital tattoo is whereby a small miniature electronic device is implanted into your body. There are many different applications for this. Some think of it as having a phone inside of you, allowing you to make calls or display different tattoos whenever you want. Others feel that it is much more than that and can be used to unlock doors, exchange data with a simple handshake and even track your health status! However, it might be slightly creepy though to have a chip inside of you. Hmm.. I think I might just pass on this one!

4. Powered Exoskeleton

Your Iron Man dreams might soon be fulfilled! There are now a wide variety of powered exoskeletons in their prototype stage, ranging from medical to military uses. Helping a soldier lift heavy items or rehabilitate a patient who is recovering from spinal cord injury are just a few examples of the possibilities of what an exoskeleton can do. However, it definitely needs more work in the beauty factor before this grey metallic machine shown above can match up to Iron Man’s shiny red and gold suit!

5. Augmented Reality

One thing often comes to people’s mind when augmented reality is mentioned - Pokemon GO. It was as if everyone was transported to the Pokemon World! Besides games, another possible eye-catching use would be in the Heads-Up-Display (HUD) for navigation. It will project virtual routes onto windshields, making it much easier for drivers to navigate. How cool is that!

6. Home Transformers

Ever had the problem of insufficient space in your home? Have no fear, CityHome is here! It is a MIT Media Lab designed micro-apartment that can transform a small space into an exercise area, study, lounge, bed and sleeping area easily with a wave of the hand.Talk about convenient!

Future Gadgets: Cool or Lame?

Our future looks promising with the fast advancement in technology and before we know it, we might just be communicating through our digital tattoos. However, the future is unpredictable; we will never know if such gadgets will really prove useful to us or end up like the overhyped Google Glasses until it is launched.

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