spooky short stories
December 09, 2016

Find it impossible to get spooked from short stories? These five stories written by our very own PanelPlace members will prove you wrong. Any guesses which story out of 5 have been voted as the scariest? Check out to find out which, and why!

ready to start online surveys
November 23, 2016

Online paid surveys are increasing in demand and gaining popularity among those who want to earn extra cash. Are you considering to enter into paid surveys? If so, then you mustn’t miss these tips!

Would You Rather Dilemma
November 15, 2016

It's always difficult to get caught in a dilemma... This halloween, we decided to step our game up and spook our members! This quiz is definitely for the fainthearted but 5052 survived it! The PanelPlace Team is proud of you! Would You Rather check out the questions or Would You Rather leave yourself hanging? 

survey taker
November 08, 2016

Kheng Yee, a member from Malaysia, is one of the top earning proofs uploaders in PanelPlace! The PanelPlace Team had the honour to interview her on how she manages to she juggle between work and survey taking! In this post, Kheng Yee shares the secret to maximising paid survey earnings while holding a full time job.

Man woman workplace
November 04, 2016

Have you ever felt that you are unable to work well with workmates of the opposite gender - you are NOT alone! From the insights gathered from various researches, PanelPlace has come up with the most common 5 differences between the 2 gender at workplace. It is important to find out the differences and accomodate one another. Afterall, work takes up a big portion of your life... Let's find out if this happens to you too!