Man woman workplace
November 04, 2016

Have you ever felt that you are unable to work well with workmates of the opposite gender - you are NOT alone! From the insights gathered from various researches, PanelPlace has come up with the most common 5 differences between the 2 gender at workplace. It is important to find out the differences and accomodate one another. Afterall, work takes up a big portion of your life... Let's find out if this happens to you too!

survey taker type
October 18, 2016

In September, 8904 PanelPlace members did a Survey Taker Type Quiz to find out what type of survey taker they are. These members were in for a treat as they were provided with survey tips on how to maximise their survey earnings. Surprisingly, 50% of the submissions members had the same personality type! Which survey type do you think this 50% belong to? Read on to find out more!

Popular Survey Myths
October 11, 2016

For many years, we have seen many claims about online paid surveys on the internet. Are online paid surveys really a way to get rich overnight? In this post, we will be debunking the 5 most popular myths. Do not simply believe anything just because you have read them, check out the 5 popular myths now!

online paid survey taker
September 26, 2016

We had the privilege to interview Anthony, a loyal member of PanelPlace from USA. Despite only joining PanelPlace for 5 years, Anthony has been doing online paid surveys for 15 years and counting! In this post, he will share his experience and thoughts on online paid surveys. 

Global Citizen
September 13, 2016

6792 PanelPlace members have participated in this quiz, in hopes of becoming PanelPlace's very own Global Citizen! The trivia quiz covered 10 member countries, which made it really challenging... but lo and behold, 8% of you made it! That's an amazing figure. Are you one of PanelPlace's Global Citizen? Check out now!