14 Lovely Valentine’s Day Jobs To Earn Extra Money!

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14 Lovely Valentine’s Day Jobs To Earn Extra Money!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Definitely one of the most romantic day of the year that falls on February 14. It’s the day where the door of love would open and couples would make an extra effort to commemorate their love for each other. During Valentine, couples will buy each other beautiful roses and have a scrumptious candlelight dinner. On the other hand, if you wish to earn extra money on this special day, here are 14 Valentine's day jobs suitable for all ages that can make this special day delightful.

14 Jobs For Valentine’s Day

1. Matchmaker - Cupid of The Modern World


Every February 14 each year, cupids would travel all around the world and try to create unexpected “opportunities” for people to know each other, and eventually finding a soulmate. On this special day, many individuals would also take this opportunity to get to know someone new. Signing up for matchmaking or known as speed dating is one of the most usual valentine’s day event to participate. If you are interested in planning events and creating happiness this is the right job for you!

Job Description: On a daily basis, the job responsibilities of a matchmaker would start off from by reviewing the profiles of potential participants who are interested in matchmaking services. Then, you are required to match the qualities provided to the possible individual. Afterwards, you will inform the participating candidates regarding the location of the events via emails. On top of everything, you are also in charge of setting up the venue and arrange the activities for the event.

Pay: The starting pay of a professional matchmaker is $2500 per month. If you are interested in this industry and hoping to get to know more during your school holidays, many of the matchmaking company has offered an intern role (Dating Consultant Assistant Intern) with $600 to $800 per month with a commitment of at least 3 months.

How To Start: To be a professional matchmaker, you need an education requirement of diploma or higher. Besides that, you need to have extremely high EQ, patient and empathy. As quoted by Wendy, founder of Society W, she has to view at least 1500 profiles per day and at times she needs to provide dating advice to her customers.

2. Tarot Reader - Predict Your Future With Tarot Cards


During Valentine's day, couples would explore many interesting methods to find out if they were meant for each other. One of the most unique ways might be making an appointment with a tarot reader. The Tarot consisted of 78 different mystical cards that might help individuals to make a better decision based on the selected cards.

Job Description: You are required to analyse and explain the meaning of the selected tarot cards picked by the clients. Based on the matter of concern, you will need to give some suggestions and improvement on what can be done.

Pay: The monthly salary of a tarot reader depends on the duration of the reading and the number of appointments the expertise has. On average, a 30 minutes tarot card reading costs $80.

How To Start: There is no education requirement to be a professional tarot reader. However, it is important for the tarot reader to have a deep understanding of the cards. If you are interested to know more about tarot cards, you could sign up for courses related to tarot cards.

3. Florist - Convey Your Messages With Bundles of Flowers


Flowers is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts that people would purchase for their loved ones. With this, the majority of the flower shops will be overcrowded with passionate lovers and the business may require lots of manpower to get bundles of love out punctually.

Job Description: Mainly, a florist is responsible to design and arrange the flowers into a bouquet for the customers. At times, you are required to approach the customers and understand their needs based on their respective considerations such as pricing and purpose of buying the flowers in order to convert into sales. On top of that, maintaining the freshness of flowers is part of your job too.

Pay: On average, the full-time salary of a florist ranges between $1500 to $2200. On the other hand, if you are interested in working as a part-timer, the monthly wages would vary depending on the hours worked. Roughly, it will be $9 per hour.

How To Start: Usually, most of the florist jobs would hope to hire someone with 1 to 2 years of relevant experiences related to the designing of flower bouquets, packing of hampers or arranging of flowers. If you have any certifications related to flower arrangement would be a mega plus point on getting hired!

4. Card Writer - Express Your Love With Valentine’s Day Cards


On Valentine’s Day, it is one of the special moments that couples would openly express their love for each other. Most people have a hard time writing beautiful words and they hope that someone would convey their message poetically. If you are great with words and have a strong passion for writing why not consider this job?

Job Description: The job of a card writer is to help senders to convey a heartfelt message through writing. Not only that, you have to review content being rewritten, preparing of invoices and shipping of cards if required.

Pay: On average, a greeting card writer can earn between $20-$300 for every approved submission. The earnings may vary depending on the number of words written and the type of content of the cards.

How To Start: No official qualification is needed for this job. However, it's best if you can tap into the digital era of card writing.

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5. Handmade Gifts - Personalize Your Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts


In this hectic modern era, many people were preoccupied with work and this led many individuals to have lesser time to source for seasonal presents. On Valentine’s Day, many couples might want to prepare personalized gifts for their partner. Handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular gifts! If you have the talent in art and crafts or designing handmade gifts, why not consider in putting your talent into good use?

Job Description: You have to fulfill the specification stated by the clients on what they want for their Valentine’s days gift. Also, sourcing for the right material to create the handmade gift is part of the job scope too!

Pay: The monthly salary of a handmade gift creator varies depending on how many works sold. It can also differ depending on the types of artwork you are selling. To give an example, a terrarium can be sold up to $108.

How To Start: There are many ways you could start selling your handmade art and crafts pieces to others. One of the most convenient ways to start is via online. There’re lots of online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Carousell, Amazon and eBay. All of the above mentioned has offered free “spaces” for you to start your own shop.

6. Personal Chauffeur Services - Luxurious Car Rides On Valentine’s Day


During Valentine’s Day, many couples would consider hiring a personal chauffeur to enhance their exciting day ahead. Many of them would prefer to get luxurious car brands such as Rolls Royce Phantom or Mercedes S Class to drive them around. It's only for a day right? Let’s enjoy this memorable experience! If you have good driving skills, you would want to consider signing up for this job to earn a little more during Valentine’s Day!

Job Description: The job of a personal chauffeur is to ensure that the passenger has a smooth and safe ride to the destination. Besides that, personal chauffeur needs to maintain the standard of cleanliness of the car.

Pay: On average, a personal chauffeur earns up to $11 per hour. The type of car you are proficient in and the years of driving experience will allow you to earn a higher wage.

How To Start: To be hired as a chauffeur driver, you will need to have one legal driving license and clean driving record. If you have obtained a chauffeur’s license it will boost your chances of getting hired.

7. Delivery Personnel - Deliver Happiness To Others On This Lovely Day


Planning for exciting surprises is part of this lovely day too! Couples would make a special delivery to send their memorable Valentine’s day gifts to their loved ones. With that assumption being made, it is no doubt that there will be a big bloom in the delivery industry during this romantic period. Many companies would hire more drivers to delivery these tons of love worldwide!

Job Description: Other than the usual collecting and sending of parcels, there are definitely other interesting job scopes delivery personnel has to accomplish. You would need to ensure that the products are not damaged and to get a signature of approval from the recipients. At times, if you are entitled to a specific company, you are often responsible to maintain the conditions of the vehicles. Lastly, you are required to assist the warehouse team in arranging the stocks neatly.

Pay: On average, delivery personnel earn between $1700 to $3000 monthly. The salary varies based on job relevant experience and the number of delivery trips made per month.

How To Start: Despite that, there is no minimum education requirement to be delivery personnel, however many of the companies would hope that the drivers understand some basic English for communication purpose.

8. Private Chef - Cook Specially For Your Date


During this romantic period, it is definitely hard to get a reservation with any restaurants. If your pockets are deep enough, why not consider hiring a private chef to cook a Valentine’s Day candlelight dinner special for you? With this, you are able to personalize your courses of meals and enjoy some private time with your date. Nevertheless, if you are someone who has excellent cooking skills, this could be the best job for you!

Job Description: Private chef are responsible for grocery shopping, meal planning, preparation and presenting the food in a picturesque manner. You are also in charge of maintaining a high standard of hygiene. Besides that, taking notes of details such as the taste and requirements of the needs of the clients are important too!

Pay: There are many ways a private chef would bill their clients. It could be by the number of dishes, people and even by hourly rate. Despite that, the value ranges from $20 to $40 and depending on experiences of the chef the costs may differ.

How To Start: Although there is no certification requires to be a private chef. But, having certifications related to culinary arts would bring you more opportunities for getting hired.

9. Wedding Planner - Plan An Enjoyable Memorable Event For Others


There is a trend that more couples will tie a knot on Valentine’s day. In 2017, there are at least 300 couples got married on Valentine’s days which is three times more than the usual months. With this emerging opportunity rising, this could be a great opportunity for you to get employ either as a wedding planner!

Job Description: Understand the overall specifications of that the clients hope to have in their weddings and recommend the suitable packages within their budget. Helping in supervision the flow of the wedding and reduce any sudden incidents that may occur.

Pay: As a wedding planner or coordinator, the monthly average income will range between $3000 - $4000 excluding any sales commission. If you are interested to enroll yourself with a part-time role, you will earn roughly $9 per hour.

How To Start: Many event companies would require their employee to have at least 1 year job experiences related to wedding or event planning jobs. A minimum requirement of diploma or degree is needed too. Knowing more than one language will be a big bonus!

10. Jewelry Shop Assistant - Choose The Right Pieces of Jewel For Them


Jewelry is another gift that is bought to commemorate this romantic day. During this day, boyfriends-to-be or husbands will purchase a customization necklace for their partner. They might also purchase matching rings to celebrate Valentine. With so much potential customers, the jewelry shop might require lots of extra help to get the business running.

Job Description: As a jewelry shop assistant, you are tasked to consult customers on their needs and match the most suitable pieces of jewelry. Other than that, you are responsible for the cleanliness of the store and display settings.

Pay: On average, a jewelry shop assistant is paid $10 per hour. Same as a typical retail store, a jewelry shop staff are rotational based on work schedule.

How To Start: Most jewelry shops are hiring people that have a good command in English. Training will be provided prior to the start of work.

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11. Photography - Capture Those Memorable Moments


Some couples might prefer to celebrate Valentine’s visually. They would hire a photographer to capture some precious moments of them. As stated, February 14 each year is one of the best periods for couples to get married, no doubt a great opportunity to hop on!

Job Description: The job of the photographer does not only restraint in taking photos. They are also responsible for editing, printing and creating a photo album out for their clients. In some cases, you may need to provide suggestions in order to take good pictures such as locations and poses.

Pay: On average, a photographer earns about $1000-$3400 per session. The rate may change depending on the location of the photoshoot.

How To Start: No professional qualification is required. However, in this industry, it is best for you if you have your own portfolio.

12. Chocolatier - Create The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Even After Many Years, Chocolate


One of the most bought gifts during Valentine’s day are chocolates. It's a tradition passed down by European that royalty gives chocolates to their lovers. Until these days, couples would still preserve the tradition of giving chocolate during Valentine’s day. With this, the chocolate company might be busier and will be looking to hire more people.

Job Description: A Chocolatier is responsible for producing chocolates with the help of machinery. At times, a Chocolatier would need to create and innovate new chocolates in terms of design and taste.

Pay: On average, a Chocolatier without experience are being paid $10 per hour. For experience Chocolatier, they can generally earn up to $7500 monthly.

How To Start: If you are highly interested to be a Chocolatier, having a certification in culinary arts will give you a better advantage in getting hired in this industry.

13. Beautician - Paint That Beautiful Pairs of Hand


During Valentine’s day, ladies would tend to take this opportunity to dress themselves up. One of the possible ways could be engaging a beautician to paint their beautiful fingers which are known as Manicure too!

Job Description: The main job scopes of a professional beautician are to paint the nails of the clients. You are required to performing excellent cleanliness and sanitation skills before applying nail polish. At times, beautician should do some stock-taking too!

Pay: On average, a beautician salary earns between $1600 to $2500 per month. If you acquired other skills such as lash extensions and waxers, your wages would differ.

How To Start: There are no education requirements to be beauticians. However, the majority of the companies would prefer the beauticians to work during weekends.

14. Waiter or Waitress - Serve Them With A Great Big Smile


As mentioned, there will be overwhelming reservations for many restaurants during this upcoming romantic Valentine’s day. There is no doubt that many of the food companies would want to hire more manpower during that particular week! Grab these opportunities and earn extra money!

Job Description: Mainly a waiter or waitress needs to take orders, phone calls and attend enquires of the guests. Other duties could be maintaining the standard of cleanliness and hygiene of the restaurants.

Pay: As a full-time waiter or waitress, the monthly average wages would range from $1500 to $2200 and it may differ based on experiences. However, if you are interested in part-time roles, it will be roughly $7 to $12.

How To Start: There are no education requirements to be a waiter or waitress. Normally, the respective companies would provide basic training or introduction on your roles. Many companies would prefer you to commit more working schedule on the weekends.

Which Valentine’s Day Jobs Would You Consider To Apply?

Although, it is kind of sad to know that this romantic day is not a public holiday. However, it is unquestionably eye-opening to know that there are so many varieties of interesting jobs anyone could apply during Valentine’s day to earn extra money!

Which jobs interest you the most? Share with us! Leave us a comment in our comment box down below. Perhaps, we could add them into our lists too!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! If you need any interesting quotes to include in your greeting cards, check it out from “8 Kind of Positive Inspiring Quotes That Inspire You!”

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