Your Job And Love Life Are More Interlinked Than You'd Think

If you think your job doesn’t have any effect on who you will ultimately tie the knot with, we’ve got to stop you right there. Based on insights from Bloomberg, your occupation could, in actual fact, help you predict who you will marry! Or at least, his/her field of work.

By scanning through the U.S. Census Bureau 2014 American Community Survey covering over 3.5 million households, Bloomberg compiled all pairings in a mind-blowingly cool and interactive chart. It even has a search function for anyone who’s too lazy to sieve through the large amount of data. We admit, we did use the handy search function, but that’s only to find relevant matches for you guys!

Excited to find out who you’re most likely to marry? Here’s a short list of pairings we’ve compiled based on some of the more common PanelPlace member occupations:

1. Marketing and Sales Managers

First up, marketing and sales managers! Females in this occupation are most likely to marry male managers, or female insurance claims and policy processing clerks.

On the other hand, male marketing and sales managers are most likely to marry female elementary and middle school teachers, or male business operations specialists.

2. Customer Service Representatives

As for customer service representatives, the females are most likely to marry male truck drivers, or female business operations specialists.

Choosing to stay within the field, male customer service representatives are most likely to marry female or male customer service representatives. As the saying goes, remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile!

3. Civil Engineers

Don’t worry, we won’t get too technical here!

It may be a bit of a surprise, but apparently female civil engineers are most likely to marry female hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists. Definitely an odd mix of careers, but then again, opposites are known to attract!

As for male civil engineers, they are most likely to marry female or male elementary and middle school teachers.

4. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Female computer and information systems managers are most likely to marry female database administrators. Perhaps this chemistry can be explained by a shared love for computers, code and numbers?

What about male computer and information systems managers then? Well, they’re most likely to marry female elementary and middle school teachers (again!), or male production workers.

Seems like teachers are pretty popular in the market eh? Maybe it’s their patience and care for others that makes them so attractive.

5. Retail Salespersons

Next up, female retail salespersons are most likely to marry male retail salespersons or female retail supervisors.

Similarly, male retail salespersons are most likely to marry female retail salespersons ormale health-practitioner-support technologists and technicians.

6. Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

2nd last on the list, we have secretaries and administrative assistants. PanelPlace has a lot of online paid survey members in the field, so it’s no surprise that we’ve included this!

Female secretaries and administrative assistants are most likely to marry male managers or female flight attendants. As for the male secretaries and administrative assistants, they are most likely to marry male office and administrative-support supervisors.

7. Elementary and Middle-School Teachers

How could we not include the ever so popular elementary and middle-school teachers? Female teachers are apparently most likely to marry male or female elementary-and middle-school teachers.

Similarly, male elementary-school teachers are most likely to marry female elementary and middle-school teachers or male education administrators – Ah, knowledge is love in the field of academics.

So there you go – 7 occupation pairings for your leisure read!

Single ladies and gentlemen don’t fret; it’ll be your turn soon! Who knows, maybe knowledge of this data will help you identify new potential partners.

As for those who are currently dating or blissfully married, are these matches accurate? Share with us on our Facebook page and let’s get to know each other better!

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