13 Best Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

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13 Best Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

“Mothers who work full time - they are real heroes.”

-Kate Winslet”

Let’s give our mom applause, shall we? Even before we are born, our mom has to carry us around in her belly for nine months, and that’s just a tip of an iceberg for motherhood. After giving birth, our mom works full time in making sure we are well fed, well slept and well eaten. Some mothers even work full time after giving birth, where they have to juggle between their career and household chores. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, have you figured out on a way to show her your appreciation?

For Mommies Who Go Green:

1. Reusable And Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

These are definitely a better replacement for a plastic bag, as they play an important role in providing a greener environment for everyone. They are versatile and functional, whereby they can fit it many things, such as water bottle, magazine, newspaper, even groceries, which suit your mom’s need on whether is running errands or grocery shopping.

13-best-mothers-day-gifts-ideas-reusable-eco-friendly-tote-bags Bag from Threadapeutic (right)

2. Beeswax Wrap

For mommies who always keep leftovers from the last meal, these eco-friendly beeswax wrap will help to keep them fresh. These are basically a square sheet of cotton coated with foo grade beeswax, which makes it water resistant and food friendly. It is washable, reusable and degradable, a recommended alternative for cling wraps and zip lock bag.

13-best-mothers-day-gifts-ideas-eco-friendly-bees-wax Beeswax wrap from Superbee

3. Bamboo Straws And Toothbrush

For mommies who wanted a lifestyle change, these cute bamboo straws and toothbrushes are nice little steps to ease your mom into going green! They are both degradable (which is good for our planet) and looks good, which your mom will adore them as a gift.

13-best-mothers-day-gifts-ideas-eco-friendly-bamboo-straws-toothbrush Bamboo toothbrush from Superbee

For Mommies Who Are A fashionista

4. White Shirt

Could not manage to find a gift in time before Mother’s Day? A white shirt serves as a perfect last minute present! As we all know, a basic white shirt is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. It can be worn all year round, be mixed and matched with other pieces. You couldn’t go wrong by getting your mom, a comfy white shirt as a Mother’s Day gift. There are many variations of white shirts you can choose from, t-shirts, button-down, tunic, you name it.


5. Classic Design Clutch/ Handbag

A classy design clutch or a handbag will be a perfect gift to your mom when she is needed to attend an event that requires her to dress up while keeping her essentials in place. It could also serve as a great last minute gift if you are running out of time to hunt down a perfect present. It is ageless and timeless, whereby it can match your mom’s desired outfit effortlessly. Look out for something that is durable and easily maintained, which can withstand the test of time.


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For Mommies Who Love To Cook:

6. Timer

Timing is everything when comes to cooking, ask your mom and she would agree on that. A kitchen timer would make a world difference if your mom enjoys cooking but didn’t have one. Help her to elevate her cooking experience by giving a kitchen timer (or two)! Next time, you can rest assured that your soft boiled egg won’t be turned out as a hard-boiled egg.


7. Frying Pan

A frying pan is every cook’s best friend and a must-have in every household kitchen. It is so functional in many ways, sauteing vegetables, pan searing meat, or frying an egg, your mom will love it if it suits her daily needs. Try and look up for a suitable frying pan that can accommodate her daily cooking, if you need help looking for the right pan, this buying guide from Qanvast might be able to provide you with some clues.


8. Garlic Press

A good meal somehow will involve garlic in it, whether is in western or eastern cuisine, in the fine dining or home cooked meal, garlic is widely used in culinary. Surprise your mom with quality garlic press that can help her speed up her prepping time in the kitchen, she will thank you later on.


For Mommies Who Appreciate Technology:

9. Vacuum Cleaner

For those who have the budget to spend more, perhaps you might want to consider a vacuum cleaner as a gift for your mom. As cleaning is part of the house chores and your mom might do it every day, why not make it a little more enjoyable by giving her a cordless vacuum cleaner? Cord-free means hassle free! For those who want to up your game a little more, pamper your mom with a robot cleaner. They are expensive, but they can help your mom get all the job done without even lifting her leg, how about that?


10. Massage Chair

If you plan to get a little fancy schmancy in Mother's Day, try a massage chair instead! Definitely, a hefty price to pay, but in the long run, it will benefit your mom in many ways. It can provide general relaxation and relief with some certain degree of pain in the muscles, perfect for your mom after doing all the house chores.


Alternatively, you can opt to treat your mom a massage session if buying a massage chair is out of your league. Being massaged by a professional massage therapist, interaction is able to take place, which then allows the therapist to focus more on the problematic area on your mom’s body. That is one of the perks for going to a massage therapist which a massage chair cannot achieve.

For Mommies Who Like The Cliche:

11. Flowers

Adorned by most females, flowers are a universally, generally an acceptable gift in different occasion, including Mother’s Day. Their fragrance and delicate bloom often associated with femininity, which makes them ideal for a female recipient. Moreover, giving flowers has long been a sign of showing affection to the lady. Many flowers carry their symbolic meaning behind it, making them more than just an average gift. If you have any doubt on which flowers to give for Mother’s day, check out the flower cheat sheet we prepared for you!


12. Personalized Gifts

A handmade personalized gift will always hold a special place in the receiver’s heart, it shows that you care what the receiver likes and put in the effort into creating the gift. Here are some no-frills, easy DIY suggestions that you can make it as a Mother’s Day gift (if you have extra Mason jars lying around your house, that will be even better):


  • Spa In A Jar

Basically, it means putting your mom’s favourite beauty products into a mason jar as a gift, which is great as you can personalize the products according to her liking. So when she feels like pampering herself, she can without breaking the bank. This will be an easy DIY if you know which is her favourite beauty products.


  • Recipe In A Jar

If you know your mom go-to recipe, homemade a batch and store it in a Mason jar for her as a gift, that way you will save her effort and time to recreating it. Depending on your mom, if she likes to make muffins, measure up the dry ingredients and batch them in a jar. If your mom enjoys chili sauce, look up her favourite chili sauce recipe. If your mom loves garlic, homemade some garlic infused cooking oil. If your mom needs her PB & J in the morning, homemade a batch for her. These are just some examples to inspire you, the difficulty of this DIY mainly depend on the recipe you will be creating, ultimately, you need to know your mom’s favourite recipe for this DIY to work.


13. Handwritten Cards/ Letters

Remember when we were young, we used to handmade our cards for our mommies and daddies during their birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? And they would hang them up proudly or keep them till we are all grown up, then later show us again how funny our handwriting used to be? These are gifts that have a personal touch behind it, making it meaningful and significant for the receiver to cherish it. Handmade cards or letters are a direct way of showing your love and gratitude to your mom, no doubt it might seem insignificant if you compared it to a handbag or a massage chair, but believe or not, she will enjoy reading the letter over and over again, probably when she is alone.


No doubt Mother’s Day is a day where everyone should shower their moms with love, but this should not be done only on that day itself, instead, we should appreciate our mom as though that every day is Mother’s Day. After all, Mother’s Day is not defined by how expensive or special the gift we present, but is about how we show our affection and gratitude to her.

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