Trick-Or-Treat: 10 Creepiest Jobs That Earn Good Income

Trick or treat! It’s the month of this spookiest season, Halloween! Have you started collecting buckets of candies in your creative Halloween costumes? In the past, we shared different interesting jobs for students, mothers and even retirees who seek flexible jobs that allow them to work from home here in PanelPlace.

This week we are going to share some unique but scariest jobs that pay well worldwide. Could it be the fearless Ghostbusters or Toxicologist? Without further ado, let us introduce the 10 spookiest jobs that a courageous individual would dare to apply!

1. Crime Scene Cleaner

Job Descriptions: An interview conducted by Business Insiders states that crime scene cleaners have to withstand the nastiest smells from died bodies. They will clean and disinfect scenes such as car accidents and suicides. Being attentive to the smallest details is one of the characteristics crime scene cleaners should have too!

Pay: Statistics obtained from the U.S. Bureau of Labour reviewed that a crime scene cleaner would earn an average yearly salary of $39,690. Generally, a crime scene cleaner’s annual salary varies depending on how many jobs they have taken up on a daily basis. Usually, they would start off with an average pay of $25 per hour.

How To Start: There are no minimum educational qualifications and experiences requirements for an individual to apply for a crime scene cleaner job role. However, applicants are required to complete Biorecovery training from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)..

2. Funeral Director

As listed on, there are currently 137 vacancies available solely in the United States for a funeral director job role. Also, trends that more household were engaging companies that provide funeral-related services. It is one of the fastest growing industries that worths 4 million USD.

Job Descriptions: Funeral directors need to prepare and embalm the bodies. Meeting up with families members of the deceased to carry out any funeral-related services is part of their job too. For example, placing an obituary in the newspaper and other administrative work. Being compassionate and empathy are soft skills this expertise should acquire as they may need to console family members of the deceased.

Pay: Figures obtained from, a funeral director earns an average annual income of $48,490 in 2015. $17.75 per hour. It is predicted that by 2024, income earned by this expertise from this industry would be 7% higher than before.

How To Start: To enter this industry, potential candidates are required to have a degree of mortuary science plus license which takes around 2-4 years to complete. To earn a license, applicants need to pass an examination and work as an apprentice for at least a year.

3. Bat Biologist

Job Descriptions: A Bat Biologist is also known as “Wildlife Biologist” usually research and monitor animal habitats at a certain area to determine various environmental and population dynamics. There are two seasonal periods of a bat biologist would experience in their job.

October to March, non-peak period, bat biologist would stay in their research lab to write reports and even attending meetings with other biologists about the animals they are conducting research on.

April to September, peak period, they would pack their bags and dive deep into the forest to take photographs of the specific animals they are researching about. Also, gathering data on the exact location points on where the bats could be found based on the GPS data at the study site.

Pay: On average, a bat biologist would earn $59,680 annually. $28.26 per hour. It is predicted that the salary of a wildlife biologist would increase by 4% in 2024.

How To Start: Applicants who have a strong passion and love for animals could consider obtaining a degree in wildlife biology or related fields. Fresh graduates are required to work as an intern to earn some experiences to be eligible for this job.

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4. Bomb Squad Technician

Job Descriptions: Bomb Technicians are highly trained to inspect, safely remove and deactivate of explosive devices such as bombs. On top of everything, they need to conduct investigations, crafting of reports of the incidents and testifying in the court if needed.

Pay: In 2015, the average annual salary of bomb squad technicians earns $58,320. $27.62 per hour. It is forecast that the salary of the police force as a whole would increase by 4% in 2024.

How To Start: Applicants who are interested to join this industry are required to hold at least a diploma and to attend basic law enforcement training courses. Other than this, candidates must be able to withstand a high-level amount of stress and strong physical fitness.

5. Prison Officers

Job Descriptions: Prison officers are also known as detention officers who primarily supervise and enforcing rules on prisoners in the jail. Being positive and providing pieces of advice to prisoners at times is critical too!

The job role of prison officers does not only stop at guiding the prisoners to adapt back into a crimeless routine. However, they also harness skills and search for new job opportunities for the prisoners. “The Yellow Ribbon Project”, one of a successful case study obtained from Singapore that persuaded and encouraged employers to give these prisoners a chance to be employed using social media platforms such as Facebook and advertorials. Many of the ex-prisoners have a new life and stable income earned.

Pay: In 2014, the median annual salary of prison officers is $39,780. The monthly income of these professions would increase as they received promotions.

How To Start: Applicants should at least holds a diploma in law enforcement and criminal justice. There are a few on job training programs available by the police force. On top of everything, good judgement and the strong physical outlook is needed too!

6. Gravedigger

As mentioned, the funeral industry is starting to bloom and worth 4 million USD. As listed on, job portals, there are 2904 vacancies related to cemetery jobs posted on their job sites.

Job Descriptions: A grave digger’s job responsibility is to prepare burials spot with heavy tools such as shovels and scoops. However, digging the hole of the grave is not as easy as it seems. The expertise has to ensure that the hole dug must be proportional based on the depth, length and width of the coffin that is going to bury afterwards.

Pay: As calculated by various online job portals, the median annual salary of a gravedigger is approximately $26,400. $12.50 per hour. Likewise, the pay varies depending on the number of jobs taken up by each individual.

How To Start: Applicants are required to hold at least a high school certification. Nonetheless, potential employees who apply for this profession should have some experiences in operating heavy machinery.

7. Makeup Artist of The Dead

Job Descriptions: A makeup artist of the dead is also known as “Mortuary Makeup Artist”. The expertise performs cosmetics services of a deceased. The grooming and beauty services range from hair cutting, styling and even manicures. Not to mention, they have to prepare chemicals that are required to be injected into the body of the deceased.

Pay: From, mortuary makeup artist earns $39,932 annually. $18.07 per hour. Usually, these group of beauticians would get a job via newspaper or online posting which varies from $40 - $60 per job. Most of these experts work as an independent freelance provider for funeral homes.

How To Start: To be a makeup artist of the dead does not need any educational qualifications but they are required to obtain a license or attending a mortuary college.

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8. High-Rise Window Washer

Job Descriptions: The main responsibility of high-rise window washers is to clean the windows of a tall building in a great height. The professional has to inspect and ensure that their equipment is secure and safe. Working at weird and different timings is a major part of their jobs too! An interesting fact found out by The International Window Cleaning Association shows that there is only one person died due to high-rise window washing between 2010 to 2014!

Pay: Figures reported by reflected that a high-rise window washer earns an average annual salary of $28,000. Someone who is fresh with minimal experiences would start with $12 per hour. However, the increment of income will increase after serval training completed.

How To Start: There are no minimum educational qualifications needed to be hired as a high-rise window washer. Intense training courses and carrying heavy tools. Not afraid of heights is a requirement too!

9. Skydiving Instructor

Job Descriptions: Its main job role is to teach beginners who are highly passionate and interested in skydiving the proper guidelines and procedures of this extreme sports. Instructors are required to assist amateur on their first skydiving experiences by joining them this thrilling jumps!

Atom Fischer, a skydiving instructor from Skydive Orange, says that one of the best moments he felt in his career sharing his passion for skydiving to others. He could always recall one of his students getting their license after having their first exposure in skydiving. Not to mention, the exciting jumps that he experienced too! Winds hitting him while diving straight down towards the earth was an experience he couldn’t describe with words.

Pay: A skydiving instructor would earn $20-$30 per students. It is projected that there is a growth of 14% in the self-educator industry by 2024.

How To Start: To be hired as a skydiving instructor, no educational qualifications are needed. On the other hand, there are lots of intense training that they must complete in order to coach students. Not to mention, a license is required too!

10. Haunted House Actor & Actress

Job Descriptions: To be a Haunted House Actor or Actress, employees are required to dress up in different scary costumes and make-up. Entertaining consumers from the process of buying tickets till they exit the amusement park is required too. Apart from this, haunted house actor or actress has to monitor the safety of the guest while they are using the facilities.

Pay: As a starter with no experiences, employees would start with an average of $9 per hour. Since it is a seasonal job, the overall monthly salary earn would vary on how many jobs a part-timer would take upon.

How To Start: There is no educational requirement needed. However, applicants must not be sensitive to any makeup products applied to their skin. Not afraid to work in dark and confined spaces. Selected candidates must be able to work on weekend nights which has the highest amount of traffics visiting the amusement parks.

Isn’t These Jobs Terrifying But Impressive At The Same Time?

No doubt, these jobs being introduced by PanelPlace are some of the scariest jobs globally. But, they were fascinating! After reading the whole blog post, crime scene cleaner and bat biologist surely were the top 2 creepy jobs that were new to us!

We learned numerous knowledge while getting to know these jobs better and how it works. Who knew that there are a peak and non-peak season for a bat biologist?

How about you? Which spooky jobs amazed you? Let us know by commenting down below at our comment section!

If you are interested to read other job-related articles, remember to check us out!

Hope you enjoyed and see you around!


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