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Top 5 Online Jobs For Students

Posted by Zhengjie Heng
Top 5 Online Jobs For Students

You are dying to watch the latest movie, try the super popular cafe food and buy the latest gadget... but your wallet says no. This is a common scenario faced by many students, especially those in college. There is simply so much to do yet too little money. Don’t you wish there were some ad hoc jobs you could do between your daily packed timetable? Well, fret not, as we introduce these awesome online jobs for students, without registration fee,in this article that will definitely help to buff up your wallets!

5 Online Jobs For Students!

1. Paid Surveys Jobs

Job Description: You will be required to complete online surveys sent to you which usually requires your feedback on products or services. You are free to choose whichever surveys you prefer!The best part is knowing that your feedback actually makes a difference to improving products or services!

Pay: The pay for this is largely dependent on how often you complete the surveys. On average, one can expect to earn a few hundred per month if they put in some effort. This may not seem much but seeing that all you are doing is spending a few minutes of your time giving valuable feedback, it is definitely one of the higher paying online jobs without investment! If you would like to maximise your pay, do refer to our online paid survey tips for more tricks!

How to start: You can actually start right here! Join our online survey jobs community today and be spoilt for choice with the numerous reliable survey panels we have. As the saying goes, ” The more the merrier (richer too)'!

2. Online Tutor

Job Description: If you are skilled or intellectually/musically gifted and enjoy helping others, this job will be a good fit for you. You have the option to teach a wide variety of subjects ranging from mathematics to even music. Such jobs are usually open to students with at least a high school diploma or a relevant qualification in whatever they are teaching.

Pay: The average is around $9 - $30 per hour, but varies with experience and qualifications.

How to start: A wide variety of online tutoring portals are available whereby you can sign up as a tutor and sell your services. Do note that these portals will usually take a percentage of your pay as commission.

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3. Transcriptionist

Job Description: This job offers you the chance to sharpen your sense of hearing! You will be given an audio file and asked to write out what’s been said in a certain format. It is actually much more difficult than it seems as you require really good concentration and command of language.

Pay: $9 - $25 per hour. Usually, the higher pay is reserved for those with some legal or medical background who works as a specialised medical or legal transcriber.

How to Start: You can apply for jobs via websites like Transcribe Anywhere.

4. Freelancer

Job Description: Got some unique talent/skills that can be put into good use? Be a freelancer! Such job opportunities are usually project based, hence you will be able to determine your own working schedule.

Pay: Large variance, depending on project and value of your skill.

How to start: Get started by applying through portals like Fiverr and wait for someone to request for your assistance. If you want to be more proactive, you can even search for companies which you feel might require your assistance. Do note that startups and small companies are much more likely to hire you than bigger companies.

5. Data Entry

Job Description: If you are the type that can sit still and do repetitive stuff for hours, this job might just be for you! As the job title states, all you need to do is to key in data. Yes, that’s it! No experience is needed and the only skill you need is basic computer typing skills. Take note though, it’s not as easy as it looks! The bore of typing endless numbers and words can really drive some people nuts! Definitely not for the thrill-seeker.

Pay: Usually the pay ranges from $9 - $16, depending on experience

How to start: There are numerous companies and job portals offering such jobs just google them and you can easily find a dozen of them.

So which is the Best Online Job for Students?

There is really no “best” online job for students, it really depends on the individual’s needs and availability. Those who have writing flair should definitely give freelance writing a go while others who have limited free time can give online survey jobs a try!

If you still have some doubts about online survey jobs, let these earning proofs help to clarify them. All the best and remember to continue studying hard as well!

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