How To Maximise Your Online Survey Earnings

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How To Maximise Your Online Survey Earnings

Are you thinking of earning more money through online survey jobs or are you someone who has already completed quite a few paid surveys but still find your earnings too low? If this sounds familiar to you, this article is for you! Here are the top 6 tips on maximizing your online survey earnings:

How To Maximize Online Survey Earnings!

1. Signing Up With More Than One Survey Panels

By signing up with a number of survey panels, you will receive surveys more frequently, leading to an increase in the number of points awarded and hence maximize your earnings as well! The best number of survey panels to join depends on the amount of time you have. You might want to try more survey panels initially to filter out which is the best for you in terms of efficiency and earnings.

2. Responding Quickly To Surveys

Since surveys usually have an expiry date or maximum participation rate, it is a good idea to do them whenever they are available! By answering online surveys promptly, it will also help increase your chances of getting more surveys in the future as survey companies do prefer more active participants.

3. Prioritizing Your Surveys

Given the limited time one has, one should always aim to complete surveys which give more value for money. This is to ensure that you maximize your earnings with the limited time you can spare! A good way to choose between surveys with varying duration and rewards would be to calculate the earnings per hour and use that as a comparison.

4. Always Complete The First Few Surveys From Each Survey Panel

It is good practice to complete the first few surveys from each panel, regardless of the rewards. This shows the survey panel that you are serious about them and willing to go the extra mile to complete their surveys. Thus, increasing your chances of being selected for future surveys which may have higher rewards!

5. Refer Your Friends

Some survey panels reward you with incentives whenever you refer a friend to join their survey panel. Your friend gets to enjoy earning extra money from home while you can enjoy the incentives! It’s a win-win situation, so why not give it a try?

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6. Cash Out Whenever You Can

As most survey panels have expiry dates for their points, we would recommend cashing out whenever you meet the minimum threshold. Some may tend to forget about their current points and end up forfeiting them when it expires! However, if you do keep track of your points regularly, it may be a better idea to save some points prior to cashing out as some survey panels do offer better rewards/discounts when you have accumulated sufficient points.

I hope you have learnt how to maximize your survey earnings with these few useful tips! Do remember to be resilient and patient as it does take some time to accumulate points to redeem rewards! Don’t give up so easily! Also, be realistic in how much you can earn as paid surveys usually serve as a way to supplement your income, and should not be your main source. Still hungry for more tips? Do check out these favourite paid survey tips from our members as well!

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