The Best Career Advice That You Need

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The Best Career Advice That You Need

For anyone who’s starting to step into the real world, the first thing you’d do would probably be anything related to the word career. How does it work, what should you do, who knows? I might say that most people will swallow as many career advice they can stomach. I know, for once, that starting your career can be nerve-wracking for most people and it can be tough for anyone in general. To those of you who are wondering what advice have I assembled, go ahead and read along! Enjoy!

What Happens When…

1. You’re Not Satisfied


It is a fact that most people are placed in jobs that don’t make you feel valued as a worker or that your skills weren’t able to be reflected through your work. It is understandable that your self-esteem might bruise a little bit, especially when you just step into the real world. Surely, it would be ideal to find a job that makes you content but unfortunately, we live in the real world, where most things may not come our way. So, what should you know?

  1. There is a slight chance for you to like your job from the start point of your career. Did you know that a lot of people start enjoying their work after they spend some time with the company? The key to success is to be resilient. Wouldn’t it be weird if you give up before you even started? I’d say you should keep hustling unless you really really really can’t handle it anymore.
  2. The idea of joining something new tends to freak people out and you’re not alone on this. I bet, even the most stoic people will have a slight increase in their heartbeat on the first day. But, don’t fret. We, humans, have survived in extreme weathers, therefore we are quick adapters ;-)
  3. Don’t worry if you don’t like your job when you first start working, try giving some time and be more flexible. By that, you may meet your dream job sooner than you thought.

To those of you who have been hanging in there for quite a while, I applaud you for your durability. There might be two or more options to handle this kind of situation:

  1. Go and find a different company or field to work in
  2. Adopt new skills and making new connections.

Through that, maybe you could find another spark to help you with your daily life, but remember, it is all up to you.

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2. You’re Starting Anew


It is common for people to jump through different jobs throughout their career and of course, the first day of your new job makes you quite nervous. Why don’t I break it down for you:

No matter how much you prepared for that day, the first day always works like a first impression of you that will most likely stick throughout your whole time there. To that, it is quite important to give a good first impression.

  1. Go ahead and show up bright and early, oh and also with the addition of dressing up properly. Through that, you would be seen as a professional and also be treated as such.
  2. Try to introduce yourself to as many coworkers as you could grab on the first day, you know, so they will at least remember your name somehow.
  3. The more you think about it may actually pressurize you. No matter what, it won’t be the end of the world if you mess up a little bit, you’re human after all.

3. You Want To Advance


We all know that promotion exists but how about recognition and value? It definitely will take you baby steps to achieve the position you are targeting but that doesn’t mean that everything is impossible. What are my tips?

  1. Starting your worth would be through working hard and treating others like how you want to be treated.
  2. It is definitely crucial to keep on tackling new things every day and not shying away from big assignments. I mean, whether you decided to do it now or later, you have to do the assignment anyway. Wouldn’t it be better to get it out of the way first?
  3. Participate in discussions or projects. Maybe the others around you are way higher than you but that doesn’t mean that a good idea could go to waste. For all I know, behind those titles are people the same as you.

4. You’re Opening A New Business


First things first, this is the most crucial point in this section: don’t quit your job before you have a whole plan to start your new business. For instance, you have a great idea and you think you could earn money from that idea. Brilliant! Now you need to figure out how to earn that money. If your product could not make money, then what you are doing might now make you become a business owner. So, remember this:

  1. It definitely will be harder for a new business owner to jump-start their career compared to a worker in a company. Just imagine, you have to penetrate the market.
  2. There will definitely be ups and downs but that doesn't mean that you could just drop everything and go. With the fact that you own the business, you could manoeuvre it any way you want.
  3. Customer service is the key. If you provide great customer service, it will lessen the time needed to solve issues.
  4. Swallow criticism and feedbacks as much as you can to enhance your product. They are there to support you, not dragging you down.
  5. Positive energy in the company is highly supportive. If your company is not conditioning well, find out the source yourself instead of passing it out to your underlings. It will be quicker to solve the problems from the top.

5. You Can’t Decide What To Choose


It sure is tough to decide which company will suit you best. Sometimes it all depends on what kind of sacrifices you would consider more. As you could see:

  1. You could say that it may seem like you have to decide between following your brain or your heart, and that is true. For instance, a job you love but the pay is low vs a high paying job but one that might bore you to death.
  2. It ties down to your priorities. For those of you who are financially unstable, you might want to look at the boring job, if the one you love doesn’t pay enough for even your daily life.
  3. To those of you who are searching for more satisfaction, maybe the job you love might give you more pleasure in the long run.
  4. Don’t forget, whatever you choose doesn’t mean that you are restricted to that career path. As far as I remember, there are no restrictions for you not to pursue your ideal line of work in the future.

Remember, although it goes down to your needs vs wants, you also need to think about your own welfare and what would be best for you. So, do decide carefully.

We Hope Our Career Advice Helps!

Hi y’all! How has your day been so far? I hope it has been well :) From what I’ve written up there, you could see several career advice I’ve been holding on for a while now. What do you think about them? Are they helpful? Or is there anything else that I’m missing? If so, let me know about it! I will definitely look forward to your comments on this.

I do hope that this article has served some sort of advice to all of you and also may help you decide what you want to do in your career path. To be honest, I have followed some of that advice throughout my life and for sure, they work splendidly. Again, it might not work for you but that doesn’t conclude everything right? There is so much more options out there and I sincerely hope that you could find a strategy which suits you most. On the other hand, the holiday season is coming up. Who’s excited? Again, it is an honour for me to write this article for you and stay safe during the holidays :) See you soon!

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