Skills Development On Tight Schedule: Secret Revealed

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Skills Development On Tight Schedule: Secret Revealed

Thinking of skills development to advance your professional growth, but feeling skeptical due to the tight schedule? Have you been asking: “How to hone my skills when there is never enough time?”

The road to upgrading your capabilities is not as strenuous as it looks. Good time management will help you to enhance your productivity. This is not about the amount of task or limited time you have but how do you manage your schedule. Let's pick the best options below that will not drain much of your time, but helps you supervise your existing time.

Skills Development On Your Tight Schedule!

1. Sign Up For An Online Course

Engaging on flexible learning strategy like attending online courses is one of the most appropriate ways on how to improve your skills if you have captivated schedule. With the online courses, you are free to choose a learning platform and study schedule that will suit your preference. Ranging from audio, video to webinars, these online classes can fit into your daily 5-minute routine.

2. Indulge In Audio books Or Podcasts

Audio books and podcasts are the most efficient and convenient way of enhancing and acquiring skills. Its flexibility will help you in multi-tasking. For instance, you can listen to audio books while doing your household chores, office work or even hitting the gym and on the way to school. With its adjustable pace, it will help you in speeding up your learning routine and develop your skills better.

3. Get Connected On Social Media

Transform the time that you spend on checking people’s profile into a productive time by connecting to relevant Facebook groups and Facebook pages. If you are hooked on social media as a form of entertainment, then make use of it by searching for valuable posts and tweets to gain additional scopes.

Additionally, there are some very talented YouTube content creators are sharing their passion or experience on YouTube. Those videos are mostly entertaining videos but there are some very informative. These captivate worthy video tutorial and lessons from credible sources will inspire and enhance your skills. By allocating a minimum of 3 minutes of your time dealing with your areas of interest on social media will help to contribute big to your skills improved.

4. Network With Coach And Mentors

Another way to increase your efficacy and stay relevant is to consider coaching and mentorship. You can solicit advice from professionals and influencers with LinkedIn. LinkedIn connects you to diverse great leaders around the globe. With coaching, it could render supports in developing solutions from a certain situation which can boost your learning encounter. Exchanging experience and expertise using email, chats, or short voice call is a great technique on how to improve yourself with a hectic schedule. Get a minute of your time emailing them around 6 or 7 AM, or around 8 PM, or you can also consider weekend email as this is the best time to get high possibilities for open and reply action.

5. Engage On Reading Habit

Reading has been proven to widen your horizon and perspective. It brings you to places and can make you a better leader as they say. But no question for some people, reading can be challenging. Time is ticking but you still can’t understand the idea of it.

The problem will be solved when a platform like Blinkist helps you to summarize the key ideas from the books with text and audio. With a short explanation, you will be able to understand the key ideas in just 15 minutes. Now you can read as many books as you can. Within 15 minutes, your knowledge is boosting in a fast-paced perspective.

Indeed you are a page away from Warren Buffet who manages to read 500 pages per day; minutes away with Mark Cuban who spares at least 3 hours a day to read, and a day away with Bill Gates who assures finishing 50 books a year. Now you can ascend your professional growth through reading like how Elon Musk builds his rocket through reading.

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6. Tie Up Leisure And Learning

If you are bothered on how to develop your skills without compromising your leisure time, better merge leisure with learning. Why not choose pass time with valuable content? For instance, you can allow 2-3 hours watching movies with family and friends on a weekend. Pick movies that contain learning from specific areas you wanted to improve. You can consider watching these movies if you are into leadership and management: The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), The Devil’s Wears Prada (2006) and The Wolf of Wall Street (2013). Enjoy the stories while getting valuable insights.

If you are into spending time with your colleagues and family through travelling, why not consider world tour with educational trips. Flesh out your time by exploring, enjoying and learning simultaneously. You can consider to check out Eventbrite for the events and gatherings around the world. You can decide where or when to travel as well as involving in some innovative, enriching and exciting trip.

7. Join Training And Workshops

Continuous learning through training is a valuable investment in building up your skills. It is a channel of seeing your weaknesses and skill gaps and eventually becomes a tool for filling those gaps.

A. Attend In-House Training

Seek for your employer or manager’s help if there is available company training. Being engaged in company training, workshops, seminars and conferences would be beneficial for your skills improve. More often than not, it is coordinated with your office schedule or during your workday so time is not a big deal. It is a great venue to add value to your career and at the same time not comprising your work schedule.

B. Participate In Free Workshops

Different non-profit and non-government organization conducts free workshops and training. Check for their advocacy and join in training which fit your goals and interests. Take part in free seminars also conducted by influencers. You can explore Eventbrite for the lists of upcoming workshops and/or educational events near you. Get the schedule and attend as many events on your day off or during your office leaves.

Which Tips Will You Consider To Develop Your Skills?

The road in skills development is not easy but is not as strenuous as it looks. When you felt tired because of time constraint, let your time management work. Don’t give up! Once you started to make time to enhance your abilities, you will be thankful for the effort you put in now.

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