"The Artistic Flight Attendant" - Welcome On Board With Farah

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"The Artistic Flight Attendant" - Welcome On Board With Farah

Weeks ago, “The Owner of A Black Snake - Story of Danielle”, was uploaded. A story of an independent creative producer who owns a Mexican black snake surfing through the seas of opportunities here in PanelPlace. It was truly an inspiring and informative post.

This time, let’s give a warm welcome to Farah from Malaysia! Farah is one of our precious members in our big loving community and she has been with us for 2 years. Not to mention, Farah has actively participated in various opportunities and activities offered by PanelPlace.

From the past two years, what kind of opportunities has Farah enjoyed and benefited? Together, let’s get on board with Farah - “The Artistic Flight Attendant” and visit the land of opportunities!

Grab your boarding pass now!

Paid Surveys And Education Opportunities Are Farah's Favourite In PanelPlace!

1. Hi, could you give us an introduction of yourself?

Selemat! My name is Farah. Most of the days, I am a Flight Attendant who travels to different countries. I am also an avid Internet user and blogger who loves to paint. One day, I hope to launch my own art gallery to display my artworks.

2. What attracted you to join PanelPlace in the first place?

A recommendation from a friend who has successfully earned extra allowances by participating in relevant online market research opportunities. Motivated and interested to become a genuine and successful contributor, I started searching for platforms that allow me to do so too. PanelPlace does help me to receive some rewards by providing my opinions.

3. How have you benefited from PanelPlace?

After signing up as a PanelPlace member, it was the start of a life-changing experience. Through this experience, it definitely altered my perception of market research and relevant opportunities available. The seamless platform assisted me to earn allowances virtually. It really works! I have earned real cash and other kinds of rewards offered by various market research companies. Not to mention, knowledge too! Through this experience, it really caught me by surprise! Who would have thought that we could make such a great impact just by providing our opinions?

4. What are your favourite opportunities from PanelPlace? Why?

Market Research & Education Opportunities are my two favourites here at PanelPlace! From Market Research Opportunities, I have successfully earned online rewards by joining relevant activities (eg, paid surveys). On the other hand, education opportunities which are either free or discounted online academic courses that upgraded my knowledge digitally.

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5. Is there anything else you would like to say to the PanelPlace community?

PanelPlace is a highly recommended platform for individuals who are seeking opportunities to earn extra income, learning of new tutorials and upgrading your social networking skills - which really benefit your personal endeavours.

To mention, PanelPlace also offers a life-changing experience for tech-savvy millennial by guiding them on how to make use of their knowledge and implementing them into relevant market research opportunities. A great channel to earn extra allowances! This helps to shape their minds towards financial independence through information technology and online market research while providing their honest opinions globally.

Lastly, thank you PanelPlace for being here!

Thank you, Farah, for all your kinds words and we are deeply grateful for your positive feedback. The suggestions and information provided by you would benefit the rest of the PanelPlace's members. You being one of our members is such a huge asset to us. We will strive hard to improve and become a better place for all opportunities!

See all of you the next time!

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