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"The Owner of A Black Snake" - The Story of Danielle

At the beginning of 2018, “Making Ends Meet - A Mother’s Story On Market Research Opportunities”, was published. The story of a noble mother who priorities her beloved daughter over anything and what has she gained from PanelPlace.

Let’s welcome our new feature member, Danielle from Australia! Danielle is a new member of our big loving community and she has explored numerous opportunities here at PanelPlace.

What is the story between Danielle and us? Did she benefit from PanelPlace as well? Surf along to explore the exciting opportunity journey Danielle has experienced together. Perhaps, possible hidden tips are waiting for you to discover too.

Let’s uncover them now!

PanelPlace Says Hi: Danielle Rhye Avrahamovic

1. Hi, could you give us an introduction of yourself?

Wassup everyone, my name is Danielle who owns a Mexican Black Snake. As an independent creative producer (filmmaker, photographer and writer), I love to do experiments between intellectual and artistic tenures worldwide. Other than spending most of my time expanding my career, I surf and turf through different seas such as Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast of Queensland and Woolgoolga Beach, NSW.

2. What attracted you to join PanelPlace in the first place?

It was from the influences of a group of wonderful coworkers of mine. They have been participating in relevant market research opportunities activities.

One day, a thought crossover my mind, “why don’t I give paid surveys a try too? It’s just sharing of my own opinions.” So, I decided to join PanelPlace!

3. How have you benefited from PanelPlace?

PanelPlace is amazing! It’s an amazing platform that connects opportunities to any user. Consistently, I have been earning some extra allowances by completing paid surveys from market research opportunities. Not only that, PanelPlace exposed me to heaps of discounted and free academic courses to enhance my creative skills!

4. What is your favourite opportunities from PanelPlace? Why?

No doubt, market research opportunities are my favourite.

However, recently I am deeply in love with education opportunities (Grammarly, Blinkist and Skillshare) from PanelPlace too! Through these opportunities, it improved and enhanced my educational skills such as writing and editing skills! Moreover, it links me to numerous ebooks to read and download as well. Definitely, these opportunities are priceless gems not to be missed by scholars and academic enthusiast!

Looking for opportunities? Join us now at PanelPlace! Remember membership is free!

5. Is there anything else you would like to say to the PanelPlace community?

Of course! PanelPlace is a fantastic platform for any opportunities (market research, educations and more) for users to express their thoughts and opinions in correlations with today's fast-paced technology advancement. I strongly believed that PanelPlace assisted individuals to discover unlimited learning opportunities virtually across worldwide.

Really hope through my experiences, everyone in PanelPlace could benefited from all of these opportunities too!

Thank you, Danielle, for all your positive feedback, sharing and even recommendations to our big community! Without a doubt, your inputs would benefit the rest of the members in PanelPlace. We are so delighted to hear such magnificent responses from you. It is such a huge privilege for us to be able to have you in our community. We will definitely strive to improve and become a better place for all opportunities!

See all of you the next time!


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