5 Easy Self-Improvement Hacks That Change Our Life

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5 Easy Self-Improvement Hacks That Change Our Life

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming. Does that sound familiar? We are (of course) in the presence of our loyal friend, often described to have a heart of gold, Dory from both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory!

There are many things that we can learn from our optimistic friend, Dory. Although she has short-term memory loss, that doesn’t stop her from striving to find her parents (Finding Dory). With the addition of her playful and lovely personality, she successfully reaches her goal.

As what Dory said, don’t give up!

There is so much more to life than dreaming rainbows and unicorns. To that, I’ll list down some potential factors to style and balance your life :)

5 Self-Improvement Hacks That Change Our Life

1. Investing in Knowledge


There are many ways people can take education these days. From part-time, night, hybrid, and online classes, there are just too many varieties of classes existing these days. Only taking one or two classes? That’s fine too! The fact that there are resources such as Coursera and edX, there are no more restrictions.

For those in an English teaching class, although English is not your first language, I’ll tell you a small secret. There is an app that helps you check your grammar and it’s a huge life-saver for us. To that, let’s pick up our drinks and here’s to a new way to access education!

2. Landing Different Jobs


Money… money… money…. Something we need but want more. We all know that the world is changing and it’s hard to keep up with the demanded skills. What are the chances of being committed to a full-time work when the screening for an “ideal” employee is highly concentrated?

It may sound bad but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the spot. Maybe you’ve failed a million times, but isn’t the point of failure is to learn from it? Perhaps there are many alternatives to working that you haven’t explored. One way would be looking through sites like adzuna or snagajob for a short part-time work. It is also a great idea to explore which type of work will suit you, ain’t it?

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3. Cherishing Your Family


We know we don’t want to admit it but humans need a community and which people know you the longest? Yup. It’s your family. I’m not saying that your family should be related by blood, but it’s who you count as your family.

This doesn’t mean it only applies to ones that are already in a relationship or already have kids, but It is also for those who are single. Whether you are single or not, or in any kind of circumstances, just remember who you are (credit to Lion King) and all you need to know is that you are already a part of a family before you start your own.

4. Exploring New Places


Well hello, spring, summer, fall, and winter break! Also, don’t forget adults (aka. People who already start working) who doesn’t have any break at all! *sigh* Now, we all know that there are responsibilities people have to face but clearly, all the eye cream could not fix those baggy eyes.

I am not encouraging you to file a leave right this moment (Do note that the transportation cost will take a huge chunk of your wallet) but there are times when you need to take a short break, relax and treat yourself to a vacation. If you have a place to crash, that’ll be great but if hotels are too expensive, there is still airbnb anyway so your wallet won’t bruise much ;-)

5. Loving Yourself


What really is the key to happiness? if I would define it, I’ll go with whatever is your own definition of happiness. If you look around you, there are many souls that have forgotten who they are as they face the real world. Who they used to be and all the adventures they did back in the days.

Which Self-Improvement Hacks Benefits You The Most?

I’d say, time flies fast and there is no time to mope or be sad. There are many things you could do to book yourself with than walking around like a lost puppy, no? There are things we love and there are things we shove and that’s normal! To that, whatever we do reflects who we are.What do you guys think of the hacks in this article? As you could all see, from improving our communication skills through highly accessible education resources to treating ourselves to something sweet once in a while, we grow as individuals.

These hacks that I've shared with my colleague help keeping us to be motivated and strive through all the hardship we’ve dealt with.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this article and it has entertained you. Of course, there are some points that don’t apply to you personally but did the others make you laugh? Once again, it is such a pleasure to be able to write this for all of you and do check our previous Making Ends Meet article! See you soon!

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