Top 5 Easy Retirement Jobs To Earn Extra Money

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Top 5 Easy Retirement Jobs To Earn Extra Money

Are you a retiree or someone that is thinking of retiring? Many of us think of retirement as a final break from employment, and a time to enjoy the fruits of our labour! Some spend retirement relaxing, catching up with old friends or vacationing! Sounds fun, but when it comes, we may actually find life empty without work!

There are many advantages why working after retirement is beneficial. Retirees can stay physically and mentally healthy while having an additional source of income! As a retiree, you can seek for a low-stress part time work with more flexibility! In this post, we’ll list out the 5 jobs you can take up!

5 Retirement Jobs To Earn Extra Money

1. Online Paid Surveys Job - Share Your Opinion!

Looking for an online job? Paid surveys are definitely one of the more flexible online retiree jobs around. If you do decide to work from home, paid survey is a good option to make money. For all you know, your feedback might get involved in a product or technology advancement!

Although widely seen as a scam, more and more people are turning to online paid surveys as a source for making extra money. On average, you will be able to earn hundreds just from doing surveys! To prevent being a victim of scam, you need to refer to the 8 things a legitimate company would not ask you to do!

2. Driver


If you own a car, this might just be a great idea! With more and more car-pooling apps such as Grab and Uber coming up, there is definitely no harm trying this out. If you are on the way to the supermarket, there is probably no harm earning extra cash on the way there!

Your earnings might even cover your grocery shopping expenses! If you don’t own a car but yet have a license, fret not! There are other driver jobs such as delivery or even valet! Having a license sure allows you to go a long way in life!

3. Sell your Handmade Items - Art & Crafts


Turning hobbies into part-time income has always been a dream for many. Are you always baking delicious goodies and yet has nobody to share with? You might be able to start a little small online bakery of your own! You can start off with posting your bakes on Instagram, and hopefully gain some attention with those masterpieces of yours!

If you can’t bake and is the art-sy sort, you can start selling those handmade goods of yours! Whether you love to knit or mould, there is a online market - Etsy, that is dedicated for handmade goods of all sorts! Share your handmade items and spread the joy. You never know, someone may just fall in love with your works!

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4. Tour Guide


Do you know your country at your fingertips? Are you street smart? Do you enjoy making friends? If your answer is yes to all these questions, tour guide is a perfect job for you! More and more tourists are flocking to engage locals instead of tour agencies to bring them around. If your area is frequented, you could even start your own local tour agency! Tour guide is a fun job and you get to choose who you want to bring around! You will meet many people from different countries and cultures. You will have a wide connection around the world, and this will benefit you in the future if you decide to travel around the world!

5. Consulting


If you don’t want to put your years of working to waste, you can always consider being a consultant. There are more and more startups emerging into the market, and you will be able to provide what they lack - experience! Consultants are paid by hour, and are usually highly paid. If you think you got what it takes, why not try being a consultant?

Why Are Some Other Possible Retirement Jobs?

Working after retirement is definitely a popular choice nowadays, seeing an increase in employed elderlies. There are many ways to leverage your experience and interest into a flexible part time job. Never ever think you are too old to learn or pick up something new!

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