8 Things That Legitimate Survey Companies Will NOT Do

Posted by Viva Villapena
8 Things That Legitimate Survey Companies Will NOT Do

When you are searching for paid surveys sites or companies online, it can be overwhelming to find a large number of websites and companies claiming that they’re the right choice. While it’s really good to have more options, it’s also important to take note which websites and companies are the legitimate ones that can give you real and reliable earnings.

That is why it’s important to know how to identify whether a surveys websites or market research company is legitimate or not.

Here are 8 things that legitimate survey companies will not do:

1. Ask For Upfront Membership Fee

Stay cautious of paid survey websites that demand you to pay a membership fee to join as a survey respondent. Legitimate survey companies are all free to join and they shall pay you for doing surveys instead of you paying them.

2. Guarantee Quick Earnings

Credible survey websites or companies will not guarantee you a high earning of hundred dollars in just a few minutes. Doing paid surveys requires you to put in the effort and it will take time for you to earn a desirable amount. So think twice when you see any offers that guarantee you instant money.

3. Provide Too Good To Be True Testimonials

It’s good to take note that some testimonials about a website might be crafted with the sole intention of attracting visitors. These testimonials often show people that it is possible to earn a large sum of money in a few minutes. Since doing paid surveys is a convenient way to earn money, many people may fall into it. When you see these types of feedback, be wary because doing surveys may give you extra cash but remember it’s not an instant money-maker. You need time, patience and commitment for survey earnings.

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4. Ask Sensitive Information

While it is important to verify personal information in order to make sure that you and the company are protected in both ways, there is always a borderline. Sensitive personal details should not be given to surveys companies without proper verification. Having a detailed profile does improve your chance of qualifying for a survey, however sensitive information are not part of the requirement.

5. Hide Company Information & Contact Details

Before you start signing up on a surveys website, take a close look at their company information and contact information. If a survey website does not have a clear profile of itself online, something is definitely fishy. So before clicking that Join button, check out whether the brand is reliable first.

6. Offer Unbelievable Rewards and Freebies

Remember there's no such thing as free lunch. When you notice that the offer seems too good to be true, it's probably a scam. There will always be a catch for these offers so be careful especially when they request for your sensitive personal information in order to "send you the reward".

7. SPAM You With Offers To Buy/Try Products Or Services

If you have signed up with a survey company, look out for emails sent to you by them. Those emails should all be related to surveys opportunities and not other products or services. If a survey company constantly sends you emails with offers to buy other products or services, they are likely not a legitimate survey company that focus on market research.

8. Share Your Personal Info To 3rd Parties For Marketing Products Or Services

Credible survey companies will not share your personal info to 3rd party companies for marketing you products or services. Before signing up, check out the privacy policy about information dissemination. If it mention anything about sharing your personal details with third parties for business opportunities such as marketing product or services, stay clear of these websites since they probably aren't genuine survey companies.

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