PanelPlace Says Hi: Wan Lin

Posted by Jamie Jin
PanelPlace Says Hi: Wan Lin

As you guys know, PanelPlace really values our members! We owe our success to each and every one of you; forming the PanelPlace community we hold oh so dear. So as part of our initiative to thank members for the continuous support and love, we are excited to announce this special blog post featuring our long-time member, Wan Lin from sunny Singapore!

Wan Lin has been a loyal PanelPlace member since 2008, and participates in surveys frequently. Through our little Q&A, we find out more about Wan Lin and her experience with us so far. She also shared with some valuable survey tips, so be sure to look out for that!

Let’s get it started shall we?

Lifepoints Is Wan Lin's Favourite Opportunity From PanelPlace

1. Hi Wan Lin, could you give us an introduction of yourself?

Hi everyone, my name is Wan Lin! I’m currently working as a researcher in the life sciences industry. My favourite hobbies are reading and travelling. I like reading novels, especially those with mystery & thriller themes. During my vacation time, I like to travel and experience different cultures.

2. How often do you do surveys?

I try to complete surveys within the day that I receive them. That could range from 2-4 surveys per day. I usually do the surveys after work & during weekends.

3. What is your favourite Survey Panel and why?

My favourite survey panel is Lifepoints as amongst all the survey panels that I’ve joined, points are earned much faster on Lifepoints. Faster earning of points means faster redemption of rewards!

4. Are there any particular survey topics you enjoy doing the most?

Not really. I enjoy all the survey topics.

5. Could you name a few of the most interesting or unexpected questions you have gotten from a survey? What was your reaction?

One of the more memorable ones was a survey on the shape of Coca-Cola glasses. I think the survey’s objective was to find out what kind of Coca-Cola glass shape would appeal best to consumers, and the best design would probably be mass-produced.

This was rather different from most of the other surveys I’ve taken, so I found it especially interesting. Even though I don’t collect Coca-Cola glasses myself, I found it thrilling to know that I was involved in the decision making the process of what glass shape would be used!

I also found a more recent survey to be interesting; it was to test the webpage layout of a particular site’s available courses. I was presented with different layouts and was asked to choose which I preferred. I think this is important as it shows that companies are willing to listen to consumers, instead of only designing the interface to fit their own needs or resource constraints. It was fun to play a part in the process!

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6. Could you share with us your PanelPlace story?

I have been a member of PanelPlace since Nov 2008, for about 7.5 years. I joined PanelPlace as it provides a list of panel surveys that are available, particularly for the Singapore region.

The good thing about PanelPlace is that all the survey panels provided are verified so it means that the panels shown to us are not a scam/hoax.

7. Have you had any reservations about paid surveys before joining us? Has your thinking changed since?

I have had reservations about joining paid surveys before, as I do not believe you can earn rewards just by doing surveys. However, I decided to try it out when my friend referred me. After redeeming my first cheque from GlobalTestMarket, that totally changed my mind about paid surveys. Paid survey is real!

8. What do you think about paid surveys?

I do paid surveys to earn additional income. It’s not a lot, but if you can earn some rewards by doing surveys during your free time, why not! Others should do paid surveys as well as it is rewarding. I’ve referred friends before but none of them are interested in doing paid surveys as they are rather busy.

To share some tips, there are some surveys that are carried by different survey panels. Once you completed a survey from a particular survey panel, you will not be able to answer the same survey from another survey panel. So prioritize your surveys by doing those from survey panels that allow you to earn rewards the fastest.

Also, the various survey panels rewards members differently. Some offer cash redemption while others only vouchers. You can prioritize the surveys according to your preference for rewards redemption.

9. What was the biggest problem you faced when doing paid surveys for multiple survey panels?

This is actually linked to the survey tips I’ve given above! So some surveys are available through multiple survey panels. Once you completed a survey from a particular survey panel, you will not be able to answer the same survey from another panel survey.

Felt kind of disappointed that I can only earn points from one survey when I received several emails about surveys from multiple survey panels. To counter that, I prioritized my surveys by doing those from panels which will allow me to earn the rewards fastest e.g. GlobalTestMarket.

10. What would you tell people who are considering doing Paid Surveys?

If you have free time, do consider doing paid surveys. You will be rewarded for your opinions!

11. Is there anything else you would like to say to the PanelPlace community or team?

Keep up the good work. Keep adding more survey panels!

Thank you so much for the compliment Wan Lin! Encouragement from our community always drives the PanelPlace team to work harder and find more survey panels so everyone benefits.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little get-to-know our member session as much as we did! Special thanks to Wan Lin for her spontaneous participation and sharing!

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