What Type of Rewards Survey Sites Would Pay You

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What Type of Rewards Survey Sites Would Pay You

Paid surveys are straight forward: First, you sign up with a survey company and confirm your email ID. Then you will start receiving surveys from survey company and you complete the surveys to earn rewards. Finally, you redeem your rewards in different forms.

Before getting started, you should know that each survey will have different duration and the rewards you earn per survey depends on the length of the survey and the survey site you signed up with.

These Are 7 Possible Rewards Survey Sites Would Pay You!

1. Cash


This remains the most preferred payment method of all time. Perhaps the oldest form of transferring liquid funds. This is the king as it can be used for anything. Survey panels such as Opinion World, Surveyon, AIP, GTM, Valued Opinions, The Panel Station, Toluna etc. offers cash rewards.Survey panels are mostly paying cash rewards via PayPal. PayPal is widely available around the globe and remains as the most favoured mode of online payment. There are also some survey panels that give cash rewards via visa cards, western union, Payza and other similar services. Each of these panels has its own respective minimum amounts which can be withdrawn.

2. Cheque


Many survey panels pay survey respondents with cheques before online payment modes were widely adopted. However, with the introduction of PayPal, Payoneer and other online payment systems options, collecting your payment online has become easier than ever.

There are some online survey panels which are still supporting check as a mode of payment (for certain regions), such as Toluna and GTM. The downside of check payment is that it has a delivery period and it may be lost during delivery, or the check might not be able to cash due to errors. It may also incur some processing fee for cashing the check at your local bank.

3. Vouchers


This accounts for both E-Voucher and paper voucher. They could be paper vouchers for your local grocery stores, departmental stores etc. or E-vouchers for local and global online stores such as Amazon, iTune stores and more.

Vouchers are ideal for people who want to subsidize their regular spending and it may also come handy if you would like to order products on global online stores. Something to take note is that vouchers typically has an expiry date so you would need to use it within a certain time frame. There are many survey panels that use this method of payment, such as Opinion World, AIP, Valued Opinions, Global Test Market and more.

4. Giftcards


This is another notable mode of payment used by most survey panels. It can be confused with vouchers and e-vouchers but it’s a completely different thing. In this mode of payment, the user receives a gift card with a monetary value according to the amount he redeems from the panel. These cards are great if you are looking to get a gift for someone else. Instead of buying a gift for him/her, you could give them the gift card so they can use it to purchase anything they like with the monetary value stored in the gift card.

Besides, sending an online gift card to someone is way convenient as compared to sending the gift itself. This allows the recipient to buy according to his preferences and he will surely appreciate you for this.

Some of the Survey Panels that offer this mode of payment are Opinion World, GTM, Valued Opinions, The Panel Station and Toluna. These gift cards can be of anything from any stores. But the popular mentions remain the same, these are Amazon, Walmart, iTunes store, Starbucks, Restaurants, Movie deals and much more.

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5. Sweepstakes Entries


There are many survey panels that offer you sweepstakes entries when you complete a survey. Some even offer you sweepstakes entries when you are disqualified from a survey, as a token of appreciation for your time. Sweepstakes entries do not guarantee you winning a prize but you still stand a chance to be the lucky one to win the major prize draw that worth thousands of dollars! Survey panels that offer sweepstakes entries include but not limited to Toluna, Global Test Market and Opinion World.

6. Airline Miles


This is yet another recently introduced mode of payment. Airline Miles are specially designed for the frequent traveller who likes to see the world. Thanks to survey panels such as Opinion World and The Panel Station, you can now subsidize your travel expenses with the Arline Miles that you earn from doing paid surveys!

7. Donation


Donation means letting the survey panel donate your earnings to some charity, it is a noble act. If you chose to donate your earnings, you may want to ask the survey panel whether they can provide you with the receipt to ensure the donation goes to the right charity that you want to. The survey companies that offer a donation on behalf of you include but not limited to Opinion World and Global Test Market.

Are there any other interesting rewards have you earned from doing online paid surveys?

Survey Panels often introduce new modes of payment or rewards type. To know how the survey panels compensate their survey respondents, you can visit their website and usually they display the rewards type on their home page. Let us know if you have exchanged any other unique rewards too by commenting in our comment box!

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