I want quicker earnings, but nothing seems to work!

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I want quicker earnings, but nothing seems to work!

I’m sure we all wish to quicken our pace in earning from paid surveys. The internet also provided all kinds of advice that might help you to earn more in a short time, but do they actually work?

If you are already a survey taker, you might have tried some methods and nothing seems to help. Why not? Perhaps those methods won’t work because they had the wrong idea of paid surveys!

Let’s clear these paid survey misconceptions and show you the truth!

1. Picking the 'right' answers

Maybe you pick the answers that seem right, but doesn’t actually describe you. Maybe you think that by giving the ‘right’ answers, you can fit better in the panel’s profile.
Fortunately, there are no right answers! What survey companies need are honest feedback so they could truly improve the products. By picking answers that are not honest, you will only sabotage their survey research and be a stumbling block to the product improvement! Isn’t this easier? Just be yourself and fill up the answers naturally!

2. Giving random answers to fill surveys faster.

If you think that filling up answers randomly for surveys will help you complete it faster and scoring more surveys in a short amount of time, we have to tell you - It does not work that way! All your survey answers are monitored by smart survey systems which can detect your randomized answers due to the inconsistencies. For example, they could ask you a similar question twice in different ways, making it is easy to spot if your answers are inconsistent! So don’t try to cheat, because they could eventually ban your account, and it wouldn’t be worth it.

3. Getting rich overnight.

One more huge misconception of paid surveys is that it could get you richer in a short period of time. Yes, paid surveys help you earn money conveniently and the job is not difficult, but you do have to work for it. Try looking at paid surveys as a proper job - if you do not expect your job to land yourself as instantly as a millionaire, don’t expect paid surveys to do so either!

If you have been doing it all wrong, fret not! Because now you can have a fresh start and do paid surveys in the correct manner. We hope that this comic is able to help you understand paid surveys deeper and aid you in your journey smoothly in the long run. For more paid surveys misconceptions (that you might have), pop by our article and learn more!

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