The PanelPlace Stories: I Need More Surveys To Earn From!

Posted by Jing Xi Chong
The PanelPlace Stories: I Need More Surveys To Earn From!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new survey taker, or a regular one. I’m sure you have experienced the frustration of receiving small earnings despite having invested much time in completing surveys. You want to increase your survey earnings but it seems to be taking really long.

What went wrong though? There are numerous success stories, but you are not going anywhere. Perhaps, you have missed out on some strategy or method that these experts conquer with? Don’t worry, ‘cause we got your back with these tips that you might have really missed out on.

Here’s how you can increase your survey earnings

If you have read our comic series’ 4th episode above, you would have gained yourself 3 very useful and crucial tips, which are neglected more often than you think.

1. Sign up to as many survey companies as you can

Perhaps you wish to receive more surveys from your favourite survey company. But why not increase your chances by signing up to more survey companies? You will be receiving more survey invitation opportunities from them!

2. Check your emails regularly

Surveys actually have an expiry date or maximum participation quota that can get filled up real quick. If you want to get ahead of everyone, you’d better be checking your emails for the invitations before the quota is met!

3. Make sure to complete your profile in the PanelPlace account properly

With a more detailed profile, survey companies can target you and give more survey opportunities. By filling up the entire profile section, you are giving more specific information and this will help survey companies know whether you are a suitable match to their surveys! And needless to say, with more surveys opportunities, there’s more rewards!

By following the above tips, I’m sure you will see your survey opportunities and earnings increasing. Of course, don’t forget to join our monthly promotion as well, and stand a chance to win some cash prizes!

We hope you enjoyed this episode of our comic series! We look forward to bringing you more helpful tips and fun stories in our coming comic episode!

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