The PanelPlace Stories: How I Maximise My Earnings

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The PanelPlace Stories: How I Maximise My Earnings

Long-time paid survey takers like Audrey (and our expert members) have their own strategies and survey habits that can be so clever, it allows them to earn as much as possible. In this episode, our paid survey expert, Audrey, shares with everyone how she actually manages to maximize her survey earnings!

How you can also earn more in paid surveys

Everyday, we spend a bit of time waiting in queues, for traffic, cabs and even for food to be ready. In a month, if you put all the time spent on waiting together, it could accumulate to a shocking number! The thing is, what do we do while we wait? Most people might be swiping on their phones, having a quick scroll on Facebook or Instagram. But I’d say, how about you use the time to complete some surveys? All that time wasted could have amounted to a good number of paid surveys done, and earned you extra money!

Don’t waste these little portions of time in a day. You will be surprised how much you can actually increase in your paid survey earnings just by adding them up. As it goes, “It’s not about having time, but about making time”. Now you have the time, it’s just how you make of it.

If you are looking into ways to increase your earnings in paid surveys, then you ought to try this tip. Share it with your friends and family as well, make sure they are informed of this wonderful and easy tip too!

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