The PanelPlace Stories: Why You Should Use PanelPlace

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The PanelPlace Stories: Why You Should Use PanelPlace

"I’m new to paid surveys! Not sure which survey panels to choose from."

"Which survey panels are trustworthy and really pay?"

"I want to see other’s earning proofs."

"It’s so troublesome to remember the login details of all my survey panels."

Do you identify with any of these complains above?

If you do, then we got great news for you, because this is when you meet PanelPlace! We eliminate these problems from your life, and we provide you the most convenient and safe paid survey journey. But how? You might say.

If you read the above comic, you would have a sneak peek at the benefits of using PanelPlace. But that’s not all. You get a lot more advantages using our platform as a member!

  1. We consolidate only legitimate survey panels for our members. No more scams!
  2. Once you’ve logged in to panels through our platform, your login details are saved.
  3. You get to view thousands of social proofs, uploaded by our members each day. You can upload yours too!
  4. Cash prizes to be won in our Monthly Promotions (members only)!
  5. You can do surveys with our mobile app too.
  6. You can keep track of all your earnings.
  7. In our blog, we also interviewed our members for their tips to help you maximize your earnings in paid surveys. .
  8. What more? Sign up now and try it for yourself!

Indeed, PanelPlace has a lot of offer. We truly care about improving lives with the valuable feedback from survey takers, and in turn we also seek to provide the best services for survey takers. If you are a survey taker, then bring your friend in need to join the community of members in their success! Like Audrey, you can introduce them the benefits of using our platform. If you haven't joined, we would only say it’s your loss if you don’t give it a shot. We’ll let our members vouch for that though. I’d say it’s worth a try, join us now and start earning from paid surveys at ease!

If you haven't read Episode 1, don't miss it!

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