Toluna is one of the leading market research companies that provides real-time digital consumer insights. With 10 million members across 59 countries, Toluna acts as a platform to bring brands and the community together. The community is active, trustworthy and loyalty-driven. Toluna aims to provide deep insights, and help businesses all over the world to solve problems and make clearer decisions. Taking a cross channel approach, Toluna focuses on fulfilling the needs and wants of both its members and clients.



Toluna Rewards Type

Toluna Cash

The cash payment will be made via PayPal. Once 1200 points is accumulated in the account, member is able to redeem a $50 payment to his PayPal account.


Toluna Gifties

The Gifties program is an instant win game where points can be exchanged for a chance to win a prize. Each Giftie represents an actual item that would be given away to the winners. Winners are chosen at random, and bidding on Gifties does not guarantee a higher winning chance.



Toluna offers contests where members are able to enter draws to win either thousands of dollars in cash or physical items such as electronics. Similar to Gifties, a chance on luck can be redeemed for a small number of points. Note that sweepstakes draws are not available in all regions.  


Toluna Cheque

You can also request a $25 check with 75,000 points These amounts are stated for Toluna USA, and may vary slightly by region.


Toluna Voucher

Toluna offers a vast selection of gift certificates to retailers including well known brands such as Amazon, Starbucks,iTunes, Tango, Target etc. Gift certificate values start at 10 USD ( 30,000 points).


Market Presence 


  • Toluna has 19 offices located in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Middle East.
  • Toluna has a total of 8,600,000+ global community members in 46 countries.
  • Members have been stated to share approximately 15,000,000 opinions on a yearly basis.
  • Working with more than 2500 global clients, Toluna manages 28,000 survey projects annually.
  • Toluna has strategically built more than 200 online community panels around the world.


What You Need To Know?


  • Toluna's minimum cash out is 20 USD or 60,000 points.
  • The average points per survey range from 2000 to 3000 points
  • Based on the average, members would need to complete approximate 30 surveys before their first cash out.


Toluna offers member opportunities like:

Members get to experience exclusive opportunities such as product testing, doing surveys on mobile app and webcam surveys! Members are able to maximise points by referring friends, participating in promotions, sponsored polls etc.


Members Earnings



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