Protect yourself from PM 2.5 pollutions, allergies, viruses and bacterias in style with Re-Mask reusable face masks. 99.9% BFE/VFE. Worldwide Quick Overview

Re-Mask is created to build simple, good looking masks that are protective to our users worldwide. PM2.5 Pollutions, Bacteria, Viruses are all over our air. Re-Mask is created to protect you against these urban threats. Simply put it on and we take care of the rest.

Our RE-MASK Shield Technology Filter is the technology behind our filtering ability. We received 99.9% Bacterial & Viral Filtration Bacterial & Viral Filtration Efficiency (BFE & VFE ) Certification.

Re-Mask offers supreme protective layers against viruses:
2 functional fabric layers + Re-Mask Shield Technology filter.
From outer to inner layers:
1. Water Repelling Layer - Against dusts, PM 10 Pollutions
2. Filter Outer Layer - Protect filter materials
3 & 4. Re-Mask Shield Filter - Filtering 99.9% viruses, PM 2.5 pollutions and more
5. Organic Cotton Fabric - Natural and organic cotton fabric, comfortable to your skin.

Our simple designs allow our users to change the usage based on their situation. For example, if they just want to avoid breathing in pollution, they can use it without the filter, which is good enough for regular pollution threats. We also create a filter that works so well to tackle viruses and high risk situations. Worldwide Opportunities Overview

✔ Nelsons Lab Certified with VFE 99.9%
Our filter surpasses the standard of N99 surgical masks. Our Filtering Technology, patented as Shield Technology Filtering, provides VFE 99.9% protection against viruses, and can last 1 week under normal usage.

✔ Protection Against PM2.5 Pollution
Re-Mask features 3 layers of protections, with shield technology filter that keep you safe from virus, bacteria, allergy and PM2.5 pollution. Made by Micro-Fiber, Re-Mask outer layer can resist people sneezing and ensure our Shield filter for a longer usage time.

✔ Good for Skin
We source our fabric carefully - to ensure our mask is safe for all ages of our users. Inner layer is made with organic cotton, which allows you to feel comfortable even after a full day of wearing the mask.

✔ 100% Handmade
Every mask is hand made in our facility in Hong Kong.

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Izzah Khairudin
2 months ago
“Re-mask helps a lot in my daily life activities. Some of other masks i use either makes me feel chocked or stuffed inside. but re-mask really eliminates all my problems as it is more easier for me to breath while using it. and it’s definitely more comfortable to use ! I wont ever change my mask’s brand anymore.”

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