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Get the Singapore's #1 salted egg chips online! Dangerously addictive, Irvins salted egg chips are a crowd favorite that packs a punch of flavor. Enjoy 7% off all bundles. Sign up as a member today to enjoy FREE shipping on orders above $20!

Irvins Salted Egg Webstore Worldwide Quick Overview

Irvins salted egg snacks are formulated by expert chefs in Singapore. Handcrafted using the best ingredients including real salted egg, aromatic curry leaves, and vibrant red chili peppers. This flavorful homestyle premium recipe is what makes our snacks dangerously addictive.

What's special about Irvins Salted Egg Chips
• Whole food ingredients: Hand-selected ingredients like curry leaves, chili peppers, and upcycled salmon skin
• Real duck egg yolk: Salt-brined for 30 days and steamed into a savory crumble (no powders here!)
• Crafted in small batches: Our explosive umami flavor is carefully baked into every bite
• No wheat flour: 100% natural crunch - no binders or flours

How we mastered the salted egg chips
First, we handpick the best-quality duck egg and incubate the eggs in salted clay for 30 days. Then, we rinse and remove the yolk, which will be cooked and blended into a savory crumble. Finally, we gently mix the yolk with our chips to coat every bite with salted egg goodness.

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✔ Enjoy 7% off all bundles
If you're trying Irvins snacks for the first time, go for the Best of Both Worlds bundle. This Irvins starter bundle includes 2x Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin (230g) and 2x Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips (230g).

✔ Irvins is near you
Irvins supports international delivery with three shipping options including express shipping and mini express shipping which take 7 to 12 days, as well as economy shipping that takes 14 to 30 days, depending on custom clearance and the local service courier.

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Camilan Wajib jika ke singapura

Superb Opportunity!
Feibe Roru
11 months ago
“Apa yang istimewa dari Keripik Telur Asin Irvins
• Bahan makanan utuh: Bahan-bahan pilihan tangan seperti daun kari, cabai, dan kulit salmon daur ulang
• Kuning telur bebek asli: Diasinkan garam selama 30 hari dan dikukus menjadi remah gurih (tidak ada bubuk di sini! )
• Dibuat dalam porsi kecil: Rasa umami kami yang eksplosif dipanggang dengan hati-hati di setiap gigitan
• Tanpa tepung terigu: 100% natural crunch - tanpa pengikat atau tepung

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I'm a fan of Irvins!

Superb Opportunity!
Elizabeth Wijaya
1 year ago
“Every time I visiting Singapore, I have to purchased Irvins. The taste of snacks never change and the most I loved here, I don't have to queue now. Easy to purchase and fast delivery services. I will always back for Irvins products!”

Best Salted Egg Snack I had ever tried!

Very Good Opportunity!
Mira Toh
1 year ago
“Whenever I have cravings, I always look out for Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin to snack on. I love how the flavour of the salted egg fish skin just melts in your mouth. Definitely worth the buy! Overall, its a big green flag for me. Their packaging is also consumer friendly!”

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