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What is Digital Product & Service?

A digital product is a software enabled product or service that offers some form of utility to a user.

All digital products, from a mobile app to a website or an eBook, attempt to provide solution for you to accomplish something.

What are the popular types of digital products and services?

Paid content: Any type of content which someone must pay a fee to access it, such as online news, magazine, insights, premium articles, paid newsletter, podcasts etc. are part of paid content.

Software, Web & mobile application: Any downloadable software or cloud-based Software-as-a-service (SaaS) such as accounting software, project management tool etc. that allows users to connect to and use the applications over the Internet.

On-demand service: An on-demand business aims to provide prompt (or in minimum time) delivery of the goods and services when the customer demands it. It includes but not limited to services such as delivery, transportation, streaming, professional service, online-gaming and many more.

E-commerce: Any online store and marketplace that allow consumers to purchase goods and physical products. Its business model could fall under Direct-to-Consumers (D2C), Business-to-Consumers (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B) or Consumers-to-Consumers (C2C).

Digital goods or creation: Any product that is in digital form, such as eBooks, audiobooks, photographs, digital arts, images, videos & audios, plugins, website themes and many more.

Education technology: Education technology (also known as “EdTech” or “EduTech”) is the practice of creating, using and managing software, hardware, appropriate technological processes and educational practices that aim to facilitate and enhance learning. It could include online learning platforms, IoT devices or apps that help both teachers and students to enjoy greater benefits in education.

Financial technology: Financial technology (also known as “Fintech”) refers to innovation that uses software and technology that seek to support and improve the delivery and use of banking and financial services.

Online community: An online community is a group of people with a shared interest or purpose who use the internet to interact with each other, such as market research communities, social media groups, online dating websites, online-gaming communities, forums etc.

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