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Get your brand and product in front of users who are looking - at home, at work or on the go.

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Connect with users within your home country or expand your market share to worldwide audience.

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Track the engagement of your Ads in real time and keep costs in check with fixed budget.

How PanelPlace Helps My Business?

List Your Digital Product or Service For Free

List Your Digital Product or Service For Free

Create and list your product page on marketplace through our self-serve platform for your local, overseas or worldwide market for free and let potential users discover the opportunities it offers. Build awareness for your business and collect user feedback to strengthen your product's reputation.

Reach Interested Users

Setting up advertising campaigns for your products to bring high intent users to your websites. Only users in your targeted market and interested in your product will be able to visit your website, which reduces wastage and increases your conversion rate.

Increase Sales & User Base

Gain new users and customers after high intent candidates land on your product landing page, increase sales and expand user base though high conversion funnel!

Our real-time PPC & Target CPA bidding advertising model drives high-intent users to your conversion funnel


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Serious Traffic Quality Control

No third-party publishers. Only us. Now, misrepresentation of your brand is never a worry.


Non-Incentivized traffic

Members are completely aware what is in it for them - which is the benefits offered by your products and services.


Non-discriminating User Experience

Our user experience matters. And so does your business, regardless how big or small is the brand.


Real User Base

Thanks to our loyal and reliable users, you can now enjoy greater customer loyalty, with boosts in your active user rate.


Auto Campaign Optimization

We don't just leave your campaigns unattended. Our marketplace algorithm aims to maximise your brand's awareness and conversion rates.


10+ Years In Business

Enjoy a peace of mind working with a team who care about the results of your campaign as much as you do.

What Our Advertisers Say About Us

"PanelPlace team has been consistently trustworthy and readily available for us. It's a place where I have confident in sourcing for users, I can trust the quality and also the service. PanelPlace also gives me the confidence in term of the technology behind the platform. It is very different from others. All my colleagues feel positive towards PanelPlace as it is the consistent source while some other channels may just drop out after a while."
Louise Niew Senior Manager

"PanelPlace platform is easy to use and my campaigns’ performance are mostly above the average or double the average performance when comparing to other channels. It's out of expectation. How PanelPlace works is transparent, I feel safe placing ad on PanelPlace and would definitely recommend marketers in similar industry to try it out."
Jasmine Fok Digital Marketing Manager

" platform is easy and not complicated. It's beneficial to work with in term of markets reach and content transparency. I'll recommend if people or my friends are looking for user acquisitions because it's something that I'm familiar with. It's fine, very effective, nothing to complain about."
Fakhrul Panel Manager

"PanelPlace has consistently delivered excellent results for our recruitment needs, providing both quantity and quality. Their exceptional customer success support has been instrumental in addressing any issues promptly and effectively. We have been thoroughly impressed with PanelPlace and look forward to continuing our partnership with them for the foreseeable future."
Nurul Hakimi Panel Management

"PanelPlace has continuously showcased their ability to produce quality performance. Many thanks to the team for their great support!"
Peifeng Duan Digital Marketing Specialist

"PanelPlace always delivered quality conversions and has a good understanding of user recruitment needs."
Olivier Marketing Research Division

"PanelPlace is by far the best partner I've worked with. They always provide exceptional traffic quality and amazing customer support."
Tommy Rickard Affiliate Manager

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