Which Type of Survey Taker Are You?

Posted by Jamie Jin
Which Type of Survey Taker Are You?

Not only does your sleeping personality says a lot about you, so does your survey taking habits! Yes, there are different personality types even when it comes to survey taking. Have you done the test on which type of survey taker you belong to? If you haven’t, don’t miss September’s promotion. You will be amused at the results!

Based on our study on your online paid survey taking habits, we came up with 5 different survey personalities. We will also be providing some personalized advice to maximise your paid survey rewards to the fullest! We had great fun coming up with this, so we are sure you’ll enjoy this post - continue reading on!

What Type of Survey Takers Are You?

1. The Expressive Sharer


This survey taker type is pretty rare among the community, so congratulations! Given The Expressive Sharer’s absolute love for doing surveys, this group is highly favoured by survey panels.

The outspoken persona enjoys expressing his/her views through online surveys. They are so enthusiastic that they sometimes do surveys that don’t offer rewards, just for the fun of it!

We know you love doing surveys, so don’t miss out on any survey invitations! Isn’t it great to do surveys on the go and receive notifications whenever a survey invitation comes in?

Yes, that’s when SurveyEX comes in handy to help you complete more surveys and maximise your earnings at the same time! Overall, you are amazing! Keep up the good work and continue to benefit the community by sharing your opinions!

2. The Analyst


The Analyst is a meticulous and systematic person with a well-planned survey routine. He/she does survey consistently and keeps track of accumulated rewards, survey invitations and even survey tips! The Analyst is a hardworking survey taker, always making plans ahead of time to complete surveys.

There’s no need to tell you how to maximise your earnings - because you are successful since all is well thought of. However, there are so many misconceptions and sceptical humans out there.

And we need your help in becoming a spokesperson for online paid surveys. Sharing is caring, so go ahead and let everyone know the goodness of PanelPlace! All in all, you did an awesome job! Keep up the good work and do share some tips with the rest of us, survey master!

3. The Impulsive Enthusiast


The Impulsive Enthusiast is a hardcore survey taker that completes surveys regularly. However, unlike The Analyst, he/she typically does surveys as and when they come, without a proper routine or strategy in mind.

Hold on there - don’t act rashly! Everything requires good planning, even if its survey taking. You are wasting more time and earning lesser than you should be. Why are you wasting your time and energy? Maybe it’s time to learn more from the survey masters.

Though doing surveys like that do get your rewards across survey panels, meeting the minimum cashout for each may take a longer time as efforts are dispersed. Oh no, maybe it’s time to stalk our PanelPlace blog and read up on how to better maximise your earnings!

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4. The Chillax


The Chillax survey taker isn’t really active and about like the most of us, oops! The Chillax seldom completes surveys and doesn’t join many survey panels to begin with.

Highly unmotivated, The Chillax does not have a concrete plan and does surveys when the “feel” is right. Invitations for surveys are frequently ignored.

Everyone loves to chill, it’s an enjoyable activity! However, there are so many PanelPlace members that have successfully earned from home! Why not spend your time doing surveys like them?

Time to start opening survey invitations and get your lazy behind out here! Don’t waste your free time on unproductive things. Check your email and start doing surveys to get earnings!

5. The Skeptic


People who fall under this category are usually our newbie members who are just starting out. They are typically at the experimental stage and may still hold misconceptions regarding online paid surveys. The sceptical member may not have completed many surveys yet, or even signed up with any survey panels!

Say what?! Don’t miss out on the earning opportunities of paid surveys, dear one! Time to put your guard down! This is not the time to be wary, don’t miss this opportunity.

To provide some assurance to you, many PanelPlace members have been sharing their testimonials with us! Also, we had the privilege of inviting some long-time members to share their experience with PanelPlace on our blog! Be part of the PanelPlace community, it’s never too late to clear your misconceptions on online paid surveys.

No matter which survey type you belong to, continue to work hard and I believe you will start reaping more rewards! We will end this post with a quote by Jim Ryun, "Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going". We hope this post benefited your survey taking the journey, best of luck!

Till the next time,
The PanelPlace Team

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