4 Eye-opening Reasons Why Traveling Benefits You

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4 Eye-opening Reasons Why Traveling Benefits You

Do you still remember that boost of happiness or the recharge you got when you returned home from your last travelling trip? Nowadays, we can be so lost in our busyness that we tend to forget the need to take breaks.

In this article, we will be exploring the different health issues that we can prevent by taking vacation breaks and the various ways that travel benefits your lifestyle. Travelling trips require you to depart from your familiar routine and environments which could potentially be the source of stress and negativity in your life.

4 Reasons Why Travelling Benefits You

1. How Travel Benefits Your Heart & Stress Levels


It should not be shocking to know that stress has been listed as the number one killer disease in causing many human illnesses. Men and women suffering from chronic stress have been linked to having physical health deficits such as back pain, headaches and heart diseases.

Few years back, Japanese doctors discovered another form of heart attack, known as takotsubo or stress cardiomyopathy, that is triggered by sudden emotional stress. And contrary to common beliefs, studies found that the death rates between stress cardiomyopathy and “traditional” heart attacks were similar. In other words, the probability of you dying when you experience stress cardiomyopathy is not any lower than when you experience a regular heart attack.

However fear not, the Framingham Heart Study had proven that women who took at least two vacations a year were 8 times less likely to die from heart attacks or develop coronary diseases than those who only took a vacation once every six years or less. Adding on, a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine found that men who failed to take annual vacations had a 32 percent more likely chance of dying from a heart attack.

More importantly, travelling trips requires you to depart from your familiar routine and environments which could potentially be the source of stress and negativity in your life. This short “break” not only gives you the space required to recharge yourself but also provides many other perks such as allowing yourself time to readjust your lifestyle, opens up your world by allowing other forms of interactions to come in and so on.

2. How Travel Benefits Your Sleep


While lack-of-sleep may not seem significant enough on its own, but research had found that sleep deprived individuals reacted with greater stress and anger compared to rested participants when asked to complete a simple cognitive test. Also, prolonged poor sleep quality may very well threaten your health with obesity, heart disease, diabetes and worst of all, shorten your life expectancy too.

Hence, to increase your chances at having a quality or longer sleep hours, consider taking a “sleep vacation”. Holiday trips can help us detox from our social media habits, habits that potentially interferes with our sleep schedules and sleep quality.

Also, a study conducted by Alertness Solutions found that the effects of taking a good quality sleep while vacationing can be bought forward, allowing you to still experience its good effects even after you have reached home. Results concluded that participants were on average sleeping an hour more of quality sleep during the trip, and were still sleeping close to an hour more of quality sleep after their trip. Furthermore, good quality sleep helped to increase their reaction time as well, allowing them to react close to 30 or 40 percent faster than before.

travelling does help to reignite romance and foster healthier and stronger relationship bonds between family members.

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3. How Travel Benefits Relationships


Many research had proven that travelling does help to reignite romance and foster healthier and stronger relationship bonds between family members. A study conducted by U.S. Travel found that couples who travel together reported experiencing higher levels of satisfaction with their relationships and divorce rates were, unsurprisingly, higher among couples who do not travel together.

The same is observed with families who travel together. Family Holiday Association revealed that 55 percent of adults agreed that family holidays gave them happy memories that would last for a lifetime, and children were observed to behave better at school and at home after taking a vacation trip.

Having strong relationships also gives you ample of health benefits such as, people with satisfying relationships were often observed to have fewer health problems and tend to live a longer life. On the other hand, a relative lack of positive relationships is often associated with depression and will increase your risk of experiencing a premature death from all causes by 50 percent!

4. How Travel Benefits Your World


On a larger context, travel also broadens your inner perspectives.

A. Myths and misconceptions might get dispelled

As you travel, you see for yourself the actuality of the places that you are visiting. Be prepared to unlearn and relearn about the places that you may have read up on but not experienced yet!

B. You will learn to appreciate on a deeper level

By experiencing the differences in lifestyle and culture, they will teach you to appreciate the things that you do have and do not have.

C. Travelling sparks creativity

New places and new experiences help to inspire your creative spirit by broadening your senses. And different cultures backgrounds can build onto your existing creative sources, giving them new touches or revolutionize the way your work.

All-in-all, travel benefits our health in so many ways that one article is not enough to cover all gains. No matter what stage of life you are in, we do hope that you will give more thoughts to your health now.

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